Do you shave? Wax? Let it grow au natural? Perhaps just a trim every few weeks?

Personally, I like hair on a woman’s body including "down there." When those photos of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears were leaked all over the web of them and their completely shaved pubic regions, I wondered if this was a trend for most women, for most straight women, for young women, or for young, rich, crazy women?

Recently, on an episode of “The Doctors,” the gynecologist was thankfully saying that it is not necessary for women to douche every time they use the restroom. The vagina, she said, is a “self-cleaning oven.” Good advice.

What do most women do with their hair ‘down there’?

But then, I’m fairly sure, she followed up by saying that shaving everything off down there is really the safest way to ensure your goods stay clean and healthy. Now, really, I just don’t think that’s true or fair. Why do you want your vagina to look like it belongs to an 8-year old girl? Will it really keep you safe from an infection?

I’ve heard of the infamous Brazilian waxes and seen plenty of video footage in bad straight porn to know that this practice is popular and considered sexy by a lot of people.

So what do queer women think of their hair down there? What tips do you have? Share your knowledge.

In the meantime, enjoy this video by Amanda Palmer and the Young Punx for their song, “Map of Tasmania,” that discusses this very topic in a colorful and entertaining way.

Top photo: “Map of Tasmania” (via YouTube)