A debate over a party where people are encouraged to dress in "homeless chic" and as "crack whores" set for Friday at lesbian bar My Sisters' Room has created a stir on Facebook.

The party by Bedlam Presents, a promotion group, is upsetting some people in Atlanta's LGBT community because the dress code suggested for the party is based on the movie "Zoolander" and the "Derelicte" fashion line from that film.

According to the Facebook invite people are encouraged to dress in fashion  "inspired by homeless, vagrants and crack whores."

‘Zoolander’-themed party encouraging ‘crack whores’ costumes comes under debate

The Facebook debate began today with a post from LeniMarra Johnson stating, “Is this real? Seems pretty offensive.”

The administrator for Bedlam Presents then asks, “Offensive?”

And Johnson states, yes, it is offensive.

“A party where you want people to come dressed as homeless people or crackheads…. stereotyping folks from different walks of life. Why not hold a party where we all dress up as upper class white people for a party. I’m kidding, but I just think this event can lead to a night full of ignorant and racist comments which will be laughed at due to the fact that this is the theme and is therefore acceptable,” Johnson wrote.

The party is also a birthday party for Knyckolas Davis who stated that the party is a movie-themed event and does not make fun of homeless people.

“Its homeless chic, an Idea that was borrowed from a movie. Calm. Down.” he writes in one post.

Numerous other people have posted their opposition to the party and its theme while defenders continue to point out that the party is not meant to make fun of anyone but is simply modeled after the movie “Zoolander,” a satire of the fashion industry.

“I think it’s funny that people are getting so bent out of shape. The actual invite states this is a ZOOLANDER themed party based on the fashion line in the movie. Not a ‘crack whore’ party or anything else,” writes Jose J L Rodriguez.

“Bedlam is and always has been an all inclusive, anything goes party – everyone is welcome: all ages, races, orientations, colors, species – all walks of life. I didn’t see anyone make a stink when we had “Redneck Heck” (white trash party) lol,” Rodriguez adds.

My Sisters’ Room was the venue for an open community forum last month hosted by openly gay Atlanta singer and party promoter Barry Brandon last month. The forum wanted people to come together and discuss openly changes they wanted in Atlanta’s gay scene. Brandon is part of Bedlam Presents.

MSR owner Patryce Yeiser chimes in on the online debate, too, by stating, “Maybe we can all just sit on the floor, sing kum bah yah and make a list of everything that could be offensive. I am offended by pirate costumes, they are glorified murders that rape women and steal.”

The online debate is continuing with the latest entry by Max Jerome Green.

“This is just wrong- and even worse is the ignorance that prevents its supporters from understanding that. From the responses offered by the event’s organizers, it’s apparent that what’s ‘funny’ to them takes precedence over what’s respectful to others,” Green states.

“Could you point out exactly what is so hilarious about drug addiction, poverty, and homelessness? About being so poor that you can’t afford suitable clothing? If your life lets you think it’s ‘fun’ to pretend you’re a homeless drug addict, then you need to be put on notice that THAT’S PRIVILEGE. Moreover, as someone else pointed out, this attitude of ‘aww, lighten up, it’s just for fun’ is the same damn mindset that lets straight culture think it’s ok to ridicule and discriminate against us. Y’ALL SHOULD KNOW BETTER…”

What says you? Is this party simply based on a popular movie or is the theme offensive?