Georgia Voice Switches It Up

Here at Georgia Voice, we’re ready to say goodbye to 2019 and excited to usher in 2020 and a new decade! Along with a new year comes a new and improved plan for Georgia Voice newspaper. We welcome new changes to keep our readers energized and eager to pick up every copy! In years past we’ve given 26 opportunities for your voice to be heard; that’s 26 issues from start to finish. But this year, we’re looking to double-down on our commitment to powerful storytelling, so we want to make sure we have the time and effort to do so. That means we’re dropping down to 24 issues a year with each issue containing even more news to keep you in the gay-TL loop!
As your editor, I’m excited to freshen up our themes to include all parts of the LGBTQ community and the sub-genres that make up our very lively community here in Atlanta! We’re excited to present 24 new and improved themed issues for the 2020 editorial year! And with all of that energy each of you gives to our fair city, we’re ready to give in-depth reviews for events from all over the metro area! From high-intensity nights at the Heretic to drag shows at Midtown Moon, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on why you should be there!
We love it when you make your voices heard, so expect a page in each issue dedicated to the talk around town from readers like you! From nightlife to politics and everything in between, every issue will give you a platform to sound off! That’s why we’re your voice, the Georgia Voice!