Creflo Dollar calls out fellow mega-church pastor Jim Swilley

“There is nothing liberating about submitting to or accepting an identification that God does not want a Christian, especially a preacher, to accept. You’re not gonna save anybody’s life, you’re gonna make it worse. You’re not gonna stop people from killing themselves. They’re gonna do it even more. Just because you have a weird feeling that doesn’t line up with the word of God, don’t submit to the feeling,” Dollar said.

Dollar has a history of preaching anti-gay messages from his pulpit. He, along with Bishop Eddie Long, was also the target of a Senate investigation over their ministries’ finances due to the extravagant lifestyles the pastors enjoy. Long is now being sued by four young men who claim the sexually coerced them while acting as their spiritual leader. Long has denied the claims.


Top photo: Dr. Creflo Dollar (via YouTube)