This week during the Snowpocalypse, we failed to catch this awesome TV programming.

Former "ex gay man" and ball queen Mother Cavalli, now Pastor Ja’Von Crockett, appeared on a religion show on Atlanta Live to discuss Crockett’s turnaround from dressing in drag to now preaching in the pulpit.

With Crockett on the show was Pastor Willis Graham, whom Crockett said was his best friend.

Ex gay, ex drag queen appears on Atlanta Live to discuss life as a pastor

“I never looked at his sexuality as … an obstacle,” Graham said. “Our friendship … has been nothing but brotherly love and advice.”

“He allowed me to be me,” Crockett said of Graham.

And check out this video of Pastor Ja’Von Crockett as Mother Cavalli here.

Of course, the YouTube clip of Crockett as his former self comes with the title: “Past Life: An Amazing Journey to Change! The story of Pastor Ja’Von J. Crockett.”

Further details on the clip describe Crockett was “A victim of rape, former prostitute, ex gay man …” — heck, just check it out for yourself.

h/t Joe.My.God