FACT SHEET: What did Jesus say about homosexuality?

I’ve been looking all my life for what Jesus thinks about me being gay and what do I get?

How about the LGBTQ community at large? Anything from Jesus, in Jeopardy! form?

Yep. Looked again:


Try it for yourself and:

It’s exhausting.

And just so we’re all clear: Not all Christians are bigots who are out to get us. PLEASE know that. There are plenty of wholesome, solid, affirming, welcoming people of Christ out here who spread actual love and don’t judge or take the Lord’s name in vain (the meaning of which you should REALLY look up if you’re using The Bible to hate).

But in the case of naysayers or those who want to prove me wrong: Take a look around and report back on what Jesus Christ said about shunning our community. Direct quotes, please. Because let’s get serious: Some of the haters are claiming they want to “Keep the Christ in Christian,” so let’s let the man speak for Himself. (Or rather, please quote him on being hateful to the LGBTQ community.) If you find something that isn’t a case of ecclesiastical gymnastics or putting words into the man’s mouth (which would be blasphemous, as you most certainly know), feel free to take us to church!

We’re pretty open to breaking news, and it would DEFINITELY be breaking news if you found a missing scroll that had new quotes on the LGBTQ community from J.C. Himself.

For the rest of the fine folks out there, don’t freak about the latest SCOTUS ruling. (Even amid the gloating from certain folks, just trust us on this one.) Expect a story soon on why we’re gonna be fine.