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Religion blog: Defiantly Inclusive

Did you ever wonder why when something happens to one of our folks in the community it is almost always followed by stories that discredit the victim?

Remember Matthew Shepard?  The child was not warm yet in the arms of God when the stories started circulating he may have set himself up for being tied to a fence, tortured and murdered.

Remember the fella who got beat up leaving one of our gay watering holes?  It didn’t take long for stories to get started that his behavior may have led to his beating.

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Religion blog: Silence=Death

A couple of weeks ago, a person in our community received the news at the age of 26 he was HIV positive.  This young man's life has taken a turn that sadly was preventable.

As I write tonight I am worried... I am scared... I am deeply disturbed. For you see for the last 30 years or so I have seen this before and this is reality come home again, for there are no fairy tale endings.

Yes, there are miracles, yes there are new discoveries and yes there is hope... for with the unconditional love of God there is always hope, always miracles, and always-new discoveries.

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The hypocrisy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Well everyone is all in a twitter because it looks like the day of the homosexual not being able to serve in the military is coming to an end.

Those who are on the political and religious right have gotten especially hysterical over this fact.  Here is a pretty good representation of their thought process:

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Religion blog: We are the salt of the Earth

As I was going through the week it occurred to me that for as much progress as our community has made, our dignity and self-worth still needs some work and reminders of who we are as a people of faith.