“It’s just you and me, babe” ... something my mom would tell me when she and I were off to start an adventure. The adventure I don’t really remember, but her many break ups resulting in the adventures seems like a memory from five minutes ago. 20 years later, packing up, closing one door, and driving off to open another, my daughter says, “Mommy, it’s just me and you!” And it was. But it was nice, and we were happy to start our new adventure.

Why I started a new LGBT family organization

We started salsa and Spanish classes, did art projects, rode bikes, had pizza nights… and then, “Mommy. It’s just me and you… still…”

“Right, because I love you, pooh,” *but in my head* “WTF do you mean “still”? Do you know what your 12 months worth of breastfeeding has done to my boobs? And not to mention, stretch marks!!! You owe me!”

Though I severely hate to be wrong, she was right. It was time to move on and make friends for her and I. So I looked, and looked, and looked… I couldn’t find anything that was LGBT family friendly. You would think in the “gayest city of America”, that there would be. *light bulb*… or *ah ha moment* (whichever you prefer). My newest adventure was born, and so I present to you, The Roy G Biv Project: Atlanta LGBT Moms and Dads… guardians, friends, supporters, FAMILIES.

We’re a non-profit that was established to provide our community’s families with events and gatherings that we can do together while meeting other families like us and strengthening our bond as a family. We’re so excited about the future and growth of this adventure, and we’ll be sharing our stories along the way. Believe me, we have many to tell, so stay tuned. Thanks for the support, spread the word…

Nate ‘Mother NATEur’ Hall is the Executive Director of The Roy G Biv Project. For more information, please visit The Roy G Biv Project’s Facebook page.