Wedding announcement: Jeff Cleghorn and David Ruiz

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Cheerios vs. haters — with a lesbian twist


So, we all know racist idiots had a field day when Cheerios aired a commercial depicting an interracial husband and wife. So much so that Cheerios had to disable the comments on the YouTube link to the video.

Now check out this parody of the ad and smile again.

And eat it, haters.

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100,000 miles together as a gay family


Box Turtle Bulletin has a great post about a young man sharing the story of his two moms and the heartaches they have shared through the years. Then he tells of this one amazing milestone that makes you want to hug your loved ones and put Melissa Etheridge on the iPod.

Check out this story from NPR's Snap Judgment — a program described as storytelling with a beat — by Noah St. John, 15, about him and his two moms.