7 Must-Haves In Your Pride Survival Guide

You may know where to go and what to do during Atlanta Pride, but do you know what to bring? There are lots of little things that only veteran Pride attendees know to pack, but fear not: Georgia Voice is going to get you up to speed. Check out our list of Pride must-haves. Put them in your Pride survival pack and you’ll be good to go!


Sun Protection
Fall may have officially arrived, but in Atlanta, the sun is still likely to be intense for at least a few more weeks. That means high temperatures, but also some serious potential for sun damage. Too much sun can cause wrinkles, dark spots, or much worse, so don’t take any chance — block the rays! Whether you plan on swinging by Piedmont Park for a hot minute or posting up along the parade route for a few hours, make sure you pack a good, high SPF sunscreen to ensure both you and your skin can enjoy
the festivities.
Comfortable Shoes
Featuring multiple marches, a huge parade, and a weekend-long festival with three stages full of events, Pride is one time when it’s easy to wear your feet out fast. Be kind to your feet during Pride by wearing sensible shoes. And no, sensible doesn’t have to be ugly! A sexy sandal or swanky sports shoe can accent your outfit and keep your feet, ankles, and knees feeling good for hours — which is exactly how long the parade runs. Take it from us, leave the death heels to the drag divas. Your feet will appreciate it!


Swag Bag
With everybody from Macy’s to Suntrust setting up booths at the park festival, it’s inevitable that Pride goers snag a bunch of swag. We’re talking frisbees, cups, Mardi Gras beads, even umbrellas and rolls of paper towels. It’s hard to cruise with an arm full of home-cleaning supplies, so make sure you bring a good-sized bag to carry all your goodies. Different booths often hand out bags at the park, but they go fast. Hedge your bets with one of those reusable grocery bags and you’re all set.
An Umbrella & Sunglasses
It wouldn’t be Atlanta if at least once a week, we didn’t manage to have a sun shower — an episode of rainfall coming from a bright, sunny sky. That can make it pretty hard to know how to prepare for the weather. Cover your bases by packing an umbrella and sunglasses. The former will come in handy if it literally begins raining on the parade. The latter, especially paired with a sexy sun hat, can keep the sun out of your eyes and ensure you get the best gander at all the amazing floats.


Fold-Up Chair
There’s no ifs ands or buts about it: Pride involves a lot of standing. Standing along parade routes, in lines at the festival, in front of the performance stages, the list goes on. It’s one big workout! After a while, you’ll be ready to take a load off, and you’re unlikely to find a bench or even a spare ledge in sight. Get ahead of the game by bringing your own travel chair. Pack yours up and take a seat along the parade route or on the green in Piedmont Park.
A Fan
Autumn or not, Atlanta is still in the sticky, warm phase during early October, and a good fan is a lifesaver. If the past is any indication, many of the corporate sponsors and parade participants will be handing out simple cardboard versions. For those of us looking to make a statement, there’s always a flashy snap fan that can keep you cool and win you a few admirers in
the process.


While we’re on the topic of warm, muggy weather, make sure to pack a little extra tissue or an old-fashioned handkerchief. It doesn’t take too long in the Georgia heat before even the most perfect of flowers is wilting, and nobody wants to be wilted at Pride. Extra points for bringing baby wipes — cleansing and cooling!


There you have it, your foolproof Pride survival kit. Now pack up your gear and have a great time!