BattyCatty Designs photo exhibit tonight at DooGallery

DeGruy does a lot of of work with Outlantacon, similar to Dragon Con but smaller and specifically is for LGBT people. Bell is a crafter and “gothy girl” who enjoys exhibiting her wares. They are both bisexual.

The two teamed up for the photography show tonight and are known together as Batty Catty Designs.


Where does the name Batty Catty Designs come from?

Audrey: When I first started crafting and vending at events, I did not have a real name or vision for what I was doing. A friend suggested that I make contact cards with a description of me, if not a business name, so they ended up saying “Aubrey: Batty, Catty, Witchy and Bitchy.” I have always been a gothy girl, and bats and cats are some of my favorite things. Witchy and bitchy are pretty self explanatory.

What is this exhibit about?

Edward: “Beauty is Everywhere” is not only the name of the show but how we shoot our images. We see things most miss. We capture life in that fraction of a second that can fly by you if you are not paying attention.

Aubrey: I love the serenity and majesty of old cemeteries, the monuments and old growth trees, and the intricacies of patterns found in leaves, stones, and branches against the sky. I always look at the negative space where things aren’t as much as the things themselves, and finds patterns of light and shadow and contrasts intriguing. I also love lens flare.

Edward: I find inspiration in dark, smoky clubs, the movement of people to music, and the way the flashing lights enhance the experience. I find the little moments in the midst of chaos and confusion. I also enjoy urban and rural decay and exploration. I like to capture random moments thus my camera is never out of reach.

How did you both become involved in photography?

Aubrey: I come from a family of photographers and started almost in the crib. I have worked in and around the commercial photography industry all my life and even now I manage a photo lab and use my skills to help others get the most out of what they have taken.

Edward: My family was much the same but I never caught the bug. It seemed too magical. I used off-the-shelf point and shoot cameras all my life but it never appealed to me on a personal level. Then just a couple of years ago I picked up Aubrey’s pro camera, took a picture and felt that shutter click under my hands. It sang to me as few other things have. Then I found with some practice I could capture the things I always saw in his mind that the more novice cameras could not get.

What does the name of the show mean?

Edward: “Beauty is Everywhere” shows you those moments you walked by or never saw. From the bright daylight of forgotten roads or that corner you never stopped at to the crush of a crowd that you only wanted to get out of. This show will present that frozen moment of beauty.

Why should people come see the work?

Aubrey: Once you walk away from these pictures you will be unable to forget those moments. Your eye will start capturing things you never noticed before.

What is your favorite thing about photography?

Aubrey: It is to never forget history. To record forever those places and people that have left us. To leave my viewers richer in spirit.
Edward: It is to erase the fear of chaos and confusion by showing you what makes it beautiful.

Edward: It is to erase the fear of chaos and confusion by showing you what makes it beautiful.