His models have appeared for free at such LGBT events and organizations as Joining Hearts, AID Atlanta and Uncork A Cure, a fundraiser for the AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta.

“I want this company to not only be profitable but also to give back, to elevate the community,” he says. “I do partner with many nonprofits, especially gay nonprofits.”

As a model, Jackson, who is gay, worked for many years with Ralph Lauren and also worked in the fashion industry in New York and Milan.

He says he got the itch to work in the hospitality industry because his grandfather owned a restaurant and store combined into one entity in Selma, Ala.

“I love this work. I live and breathe all these entities,” he says. “I’ve always studied fashion. It’s my calling. And I really love working with the gay and arts communities. I’m a proactive, positive person.”

Jackson believes Atlanta is on the cusp of becoming a major player in the fashion industry, like New York, and he wants to be part of helping the city achieve that aspiration. But because Atlanta is not a top city yet, Jackson says his business extends to New York and London.

“Atlanta’s fashion world is still growing,” he says. “I think we’re getting there.”


Top Photo: Marcus Jackson founded Caliber Enterprises as a boutique firm offering many services. (via Facebook)

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