Why did you think it was important to launch the Roy G. Biv Project?

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and in our community, it’s even more important to have that close bond with other families so that our children can feel assured in these very important years of their lives, that it’s ok… that we love them just as much as any other family would love their kids.

Why do you think LGBT parents need a specific group to socialize?

I think having a specific LGBT group for parents is essential because although we are just like any other family experiencing the trials, tribulations, joys and surprises of raising children, we do have differences.

Some parents may need advice on how to merge a family together and introducing their children into a two-mommy or daddy household, or advice on the best schools and neighborhoods that are LGBT friendly.


Roy G. Biv Project/Atlanta LGBT Families
P.O Box 813655, Smyrna, GA 30081

You also do some events that aren’t for the kids. Why?

We’ve noticed that not all of our members are parents. In fact, we even have straight members in our group as well!

I think it’s important to get together with other adults and talk about adult stuff and not worrying about covering your mouth when a curse word slips out, or having a drink or four and laughing all night without the kids asking for a sip.

What is the craziest question you have ever been asked as an LGBT parent?

Once someone asked me if I knew of a LGBT notary and someone else asked me if I knew of a LGBT pumpkin patch. I’m all for helping out our own businesses, but are you really that gay that you can’t buy a straight pumpkin?

What is a situation that drives you crazy as a parent (LGBT specific or not)?

The situation that I come across the most often is other families closing themselves off to LGBT-only venues/events (i.e. LGBT pumpkin patch), because of stares or whatever their reason may be…

Seeing you hold hands with your partner, and being loving to your children and pets, just might be exactly what that one person needed to see to change their thoughts and opinions about us. They may realize, “a person’s a person…” I got that from “Horton Hears a Who,” and it’s true.

Top photo: Nate Hall founded the Roy G. Biv Project to provide social opportunities for families like hers. (Courtesy photo)

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