AllStar Cleaning

These days, AllStar Cleaning is in as many as 150 homes a month throughout the metro Atlanta area. To clean that many houses, Wood has employed five staff members to handle the load.

“We do regular weekly, biweekly and one-time cleanings,” Wood says.

“All my employees are professionally trained,” he adds. “I’ve worked very hard to develop a methodical, well-thought out cleaning process that all the employees follow to ensure efficiency and thoroughness. We have lots of experience.”

Having clients who trust his staff is crucial to his business’ success, Wood says.

“We bring all our own supplies and equipment. Our supplies are environmentally friendly and odor-free. It’s safe around food use and pets,” he notes.

Not having to worry about cleaning and enjoying the free time that comes along with a cleaning service is a major benefit, Wood says.

“One of things we offer is peace-of-mind to our customers that they don’t have to worry about cleaning. They have more free time because we’re there. That’s really our big value.”

Top photo: Jon Wood from AllStar Cleaning loves the freedom to be his own boss, while also helping clients find peace-of-mind. (Courtesy photo)

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