Rimka calls herself a “personal trainer for your brain.”

“I’m able to capitalize on the greatest discovery in the last 100 years of medicine — neural plasticity,” Rimka says. “That’s the 100 million dollar word in science at the moment.”


Brain and Body Solutions

Rimka says her methods compare to those of Ivan Pavlov, the Russian scientist who coined “classical conditioning” while working with dogs.

“You can change the brain based on stimulus,” Rimka says. “If you exercise the brain in the right way, you can adapt and recover from almost anything. The brain will do whatever it needs to do. It will move around, adapt and become more flexible.”

Rimka says that she’s able to monitor brain waves in the office and can offer real-time analysis if a patient’s neural activity is abnormal.

“If something is invasive, I can see it real-time,” Rimka says.

Brain and Body Solution’s patients range from adults with behavioral issues to children with Autism and learning disabilities.

“I’m probably 50/50 kids and adults,” Rimka says. “It’s autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, seizures and traumatic brain injuries. I get it all.”


Top photo: Dr. Stephanie Rimka uses neurofeedback and other therapies to help patients address issues ranging from autism to depression. (courtesy photo)

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