Evolution Center, a project of AID Atlanta, is a community center created for young black gay men ages 18-28. Located on Auburn Avenue, the center is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Evolution Center was founded in 2006. In addition to free HIV and STD testing, it offers a variety of social and support groups designed to empower young black gay men, who often face both high degrees of discrimination and high rates of HIV.

GA Spotlight: Evolution Center

“Throughout the City of Atlanta, young black gay men are emerging as a diverse culture with complex identities, backgrounds, talents and aspirations,” the Evolution Center explains on its website.

“Like other historically oppressed groups, they are often in conflict with the dominant culture that imposes unjust social, cultural, sexual, religious and political barriers.”

Activities at Evolution Center include professional development, leadership development, art classes, a book club and game night. The center hosts Brother 2 Brother, a peer-led discussion group, as well as Brothers Speak, a professionally moderated group that is “fun, friendly and fabulous.”

“The primary goal of the Evolution Project is to address the prevailing rates of HIV infection among young black gay men,” the project states. “Utilizing a science-based methodology, the project will address HIV prevention, testing, and treatment in a way that is culturally competent, sound and engaging to the program participants.

Evolution Center
250 Auburn Ave., Suite 601, Atlanta, GA 30303
404-524-5441, www.evolutionprojectatl.org