First City Network serves as a clearing house for all things LGBT in the city, with a dynamic website and monthly printed newsletter that connect Savannah residents with everything from Savannah Pride to gay and gay-friendly businesses and religious organizations.

First City Network
PO Box 2442, Savannah, GA 31402

The new Gay & Metropolitan Police Department Collaborative allows people who have issues with the police based on their sexual orientation or gender identity to report the situation through a link on the First City Network website.

First City Network hosts a monthly First Saturday Social and Lesbian Potluck, along with a variety of other events like the annual Oyster Roast each March.

FCN has also served as an incubator of sorts for other LGBT groups in Savannah. Stand Out Youth has its roots in a youth support group first established by FCN in 1994; Stand Out Youth incorporated as a separate group in 2002.

The Savannah Gay & Lesbian Film Society, founded in 2008 under the umbrella of FCN, is now also becoming a separate non-profit group.

“First City Network serves as a forum to share strengths … stimulate personal growth and provide social activities,” the mission statement says. “We provide national, state and local information and referral services for health care, counseling, education, advocacy and mutual support.”

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