MEGA, or Marriage Equality Georgia, was founded in the wake of the 2004 state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The group evolved into the MEGA Family Project, offering a variety of proactive, positive educational and social events for LGBT families.

GA Spotlight: MEGA Family Project

“Georgia is home to a very large LGBT community, and over the last seven years we have seen a significant increase in the number of LGBT-headed families living here,” the group’s website explains.

MEGA Family Project
1530 Dekalb Ave. Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30307

Led by Executive Director Kathy Kelly, MEGA offers a packed schedule of monthly gatherings, plus larger events throughout the year. May’s schedule includes the MEGA Cookout Fundraiser on May 8, prospective parent support group and coming out support group meetings on May 20, and the informative Maybe Baby seminar for prospective LGBT parents on May 26.

MEGA Family Project also just announced that its annual MEGA Family Vacation, scheduled for July 23-25, will be held at Lake Lanier Island Resort after taking place on Tybee Island in past years.

MEGA Family Project serves hundreds of families throughout the state, and is in the midst of a critical fundraising period. The group accepts tax-deductible donations of all amounts, and you can become a MEGA Family Champion for as little as $10 per month.