Someone Cares Inc. of Atlanta
1950 Spectrum Circle
Ste. A-140
Marietta, GA 30067

A mentorship program assists transgender students who want to earn their high school diplomas and college degrees, according to the organization’s website.

Someone Cares Inc. of Atlanta also has reached out to local businesses and corporations “to work with them on transgender issues in order to gain better access in the area of job placement.”

“[This] program was created to assist and advocate for the transgender community in gaining respect in a society that has written them off,” says the organization’s website.

“To provide a safe space to empower them to seek higher education, job placement, housing, skill building, physical and mental health. The program also provides HIV/AIDS education and prevention to all in the program. Reaching them where they are.”

Pre and post-op counseling are also provided through a six-week counseling session.

Someone Cares Inc. has a street team that provides free HIV testing and STD screening referrals to transgender sex workers.

The organization also focuses on reaching out to gay and bisexual African American and Latino men who may be susceptible to contracting HIV by educating them of their risks and ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

Someone Cares was first founded by Ronnie Bass in 1996 in Florida and in 1998 reestablished its headquarters in Marietta.

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