Georgia queer writer named Lambda Literary Fellow

We talked to about her aspirations as a writer, the memoir she is working on and what the gay scene in Statesboro is like.

What does it mean to be accepted as a Lambda Literary fellow?
I try very hard to not measure my worth in acceptance letters, but it was impossible to not do so with this fellowship. Lambda Literary Foundation has supported so many wonderful talents. Prior to applying, I would scroll through the bios of former fellows and just fawn over their portfolios. It’s so surreal to be one of them.

What kind of writing do you do and where can we find it?
I identify as an essayist. As a southerner, reality is eccentric enough already. Factor in being queer, and the oddity is only amplified. Documenting that is irresistible.

I’ve written several essays on what it means to be queer and southern for Autostraddle and CherryGrrl, and I have poems in Off the Rocks 16 and Lavender Review. I have a full list of publication credits on my website,

Currently, I’m working on a memoir on my experiences as a queer Latina serving in a Mexican restaurant.

Care to share the beginning of your memoir?

The first few lines:
I was the child in the passenger seat, playing a feminist version of The License Plate Game, relief playing across my face each time I saw a person of color in an automobile beside us at a red light. I was perpetually searching for foreign cars and foreign people.

How do you make a living?
Along with various temporary gigs, I’ve worked as a server for the last three years. I’ve moved from an Italian restaurant to Mexican restaurant, and then a Japanese restaurant. According to a friend, I’ve completed the trifecta of Americanized cuisine.
What does it mean to you to be a writer and have this opportunity to be a Lambda Literary Fellow?
To be a writer is to hope to leave something permanent behind. Lambda Literary has given me a chance to hope a little more, all in the company of wonderful people.

What is Statesboro’s LGBT community like?
Statesboro has a decently sized gay community. It’s a bit more binary and a little less queer. Savannah is only a few miles down the road, making the deep south much more bearabl