Jesse Morgan: Girl, GlitterBomb! is the bomb for radical queer activism


Glitter Done! Dance Party
including Glitter Bombshell Contest and debut of Atlanta Queer Cabaret show

Saturday, Oct. 8, 10 p.m.
Mary’s, 1287 Glenwood Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Queerlicious Marching

Sunday, 1 p.m.
GlitterBomb! will march in the Atlanta Pride parade

Radical GlitterQueer Space in Piedmont Park
Sunday, Oct. 9, near Coca-Cola main stage
Tent space for radical and progressive queers including MondoHomo posse and the Atlanta Radical Faeries

I became involved in queer activism in 2007 when my big brown eyes saw a MondoHomo sticker. I had been active in various political conversations and attending different rallies. I was definitely a “gay Midtown boy” who was hungry for radical politics. And oh girl, MondoHomo did give me a gigantic spoonful of radicalism.

After that experience, I continued organizing with MondoHomo; organized the Queer Power March, which was Savannah’s first ever gay rights march and Rally for Equality; and now began organizing GlitterBomb!

Other involvements include participating in SONG’s Queer Left Coalition in the HB87 protests, anti-war demonstrations, co-organizing a reproductive rights rally, and marshaling for anti-death penalty march.

I believe that queer is more than gay activism affords us and will continue to march my little happy ass to the progressive causes.

GlitterBomb! is taking part in Atlanta Pride although it has publicly criticized the event for being too corporate and mainstream. Tell us why you all feel it is important to participate in the event?

GlitterBomb! is critiquing Pride and the gay mainstream in general. [Our] participation is extremely important for supporting the queer and radical visibility. If we don’t participate in the event, we will limit the political, radical, and queer existence at Pride. We sure don’t want that!

Our group presence will challenge Pride as a space supporting capitalism, educate parade goers of radical politics, and support the politicization of a once-upon-a-time political event.

Announcing GlitterBomb!, you criticize what you call mainstream gay activism. But why go after groups that are fighting for LGBT equality, even if you disagree with their tactics or their missions, instead of focusing on institutions that are inherently anti-LGBT?

Oh that gay mainstream. Girl, they kill me! That’s not equality, that’s called assimilation. Okay, okay, it may be some people’s version of “equality.” But seriously?

For example, the gay mainstream has ignored what the effects of the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” will be on our community and kids. Army recruiters target minority peoples to join the nasty war machine. The exact day DADT was repealed, Army recruiters visited a gay center in Oklahoma. Our community is now a target!

Why couldn’t we have left that issue on the back burner? I’m pretty sure criminalization, healthcare, and decent jobs are way more important.

Gay activism used to be against war, anti-criminalization, deconstructing the family institution, radical, radical, radical. Gay mainstream is enforcing activism that ascribes to a hetero lifestyle, partner, two kids, dog, and a white picket fence. We don’t want that! No assimilation, yes to liberation!

GlitterBomb! will also engage and support activism that goes after institutions that are anti-LGBTQI. Of course, we will use our glitter powers against the forces of evil. Though, it is important for us to do both. Our political glitter will be spread all over this metro!

What would you like to say to some of the mainstream LGBT activists in Atlanta about how they are fighting for equality?

Girl, call me! Let’s grab a cocktail so we can talk about putting the radical in the queer and shaking it all up! Look beyond lobbying to gay-friendly politicians and strategize for an inclusive movement. Don’t adhere to an apologetic form of activism.

Remember the inspiration of Stonewall and forever commemorate its existence through politicizing our community back to its radical beauty.


Top photo: Jesse Morgan, founder of GlitterBomb! (via Facebook)