Kreitner and Grindle, together as life partners for almost 20 years, met while working at another company.

“So we already had the working together worked out,” Grindle says.

Grindle got her degree in computer science and, as Kreitner states, is able to simplify computer jargon so people can understand it.

Kardon Technology was started as an extension of Kardon Group, and caters to local businesses in various industries. Kreitner, who has experience planning events, heads up Kardon Events that includes planning parties and catering events.

Grindle said she used to work for a major computer company, but after being told to tell customers one thing and stockholders another, she decided to quit because she said she couldn’t continue to work and keep her integrity.

But when old customers started calling for computer help — software training, help with computer upgrades, computer programming — she decide to make it on her own with Kreitner.

“We’ve reached a point where we schedule meetings every Friday morning to discuss what needs to happen in our personal lives and with the three businesses,” Grindle says.

“We’re really comfortable with each other so it’s very easy and I never doubt my partner because we’re so comfortable with each other.”


Top photo: Karla Kreitner and Donna Grindle are partners in life and business. (via Facebook)

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