Meak Productions brings LGBT issues to the airwaves

Meak Productions

“We wanted to get the voices out there that aren’t always heard,” Evans said. “There are a lot of us in the LGBT community who are not able to tell our stories.”

The mission of Meak Productions is “to provide an avenue of marketing exposure and performance opportunities to LGBT talent, as well as create a more professional equal and diverse image of LGBT culture, which in turn will help prevent the current stereotypes and discrimination towards the community as a whole.”

“We are the first syndicated radio show to do live remotes, we broadcast live from last year’s International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHO) and from the Sylvia Rivera Brunch,” Evans said.

Currently the company is restructuring and undergoing planning for the future, he added.

Podcasts of old SGL shows can also be heard online.

Meak Productions is currently accepting new music tracks to be included in its February edition of the Music Radio Show (The Various Artists Talent Showcase). Send all MP3’s to:


Top photo: Miko Evans is CEO and executive producer for Meak Productions as well as host of the Same Gender Loving Expressions radio show that can be heard online at Exceptional Radio. (via Facebook)