Schloemer Business Services

Schloemer, who worked for 30 years for numerous Fortune 500 companies before starting her own business, says her company specifically wants to serve small businesses.

Schloemer’s team works with small businesses specifically on bookkeeping/accounting transactions, tax preparation, medical and supplement insurance, Trust and Guardianship accounting, business plans and budgeting, according to the business’ website.

“This is the very market that has been neglected for years but is the heartbeat of America,” she says.

Active with the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Executive Network, Schloemer said she hosted some 80 networking events last year. She was selected in November as one of Fenuxe magazine’s “Fenuxe 50” highlighting prominent members of Atlanta’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Also, in August, Schloemer was named the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s “Member of the Year.”

Schloemer and her team have also formed SBS Strategic Business Services, a non-profit organization that seeks to inform and educate small business professionals during the tough economy while also providing networking services. Cost to join SBS Strategic Services is $75 per year.

Schloemer’s clients are based in more than 50 industries, such as telecommunications, real estate and entertainment.


Top photo: Pam Schloemer recently expanded her company to offer more than just bookkeeping (via Facebook)

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