Tom Born offers massage, chiropractic services

“I worked with anybody who was anybody,” Born says. “Like Tennessee Williams and Calvin Klein.”

Despite the success he found in Florida, it wasn’t long before Born decided to follow a new path.

“I was there for a number of years, but then I decided to go to chiropractic school,” he says.


Dr. Tom Born
Chiropractic and Massage
Ansley Square
1512 Piedmont Rd. Suite 201
Atlanta, Ga 30324

It was this decision which brought Born to Atlanta in the 1980s to study at Life Chiropractic College, but it wasn’t until years later that he decided to make Atlanta his permanent home.

Over the years, Born says he worked out of the old Ari’s Market health food store in Ansley Mall, as well as out of a location in the Toco Hills Shopping Center. These days, Born is back at Ansley Square six days a week in a space vacated by now-retired chiropractor Keith Kauffman.

“My background is very extensive when it comes to massage work, particularly in the Asian area in the acupressure and the reflexology techniques,” Born says of his services. “I do deep tissue, sports therapy; I’m a specialist in acupressure.”

Oh, and he’s a certified chiropractor, too.

“I’m always guiding people through the maze of trying to find the best, most appropriate way to get the most from movement that they can,” Born says.

Born says that a background in both massage and chiropractic health offers clients expanded options when dealing with muscular/skeletal issues.

“I’m a big believer in combining the two approaches together at one time, I’m always doing pressure point work when I’m adjusting,” Born says of his dual-approach method. Most of his clients are seeking relief for neck and back troubles, Born says.

“I’ve decided to merge my techniques,” Born continues. “Even though my background is very strong in massage, I don’t want to say that I’m just a massage person. I have a specific approach to incorporate both muscular and skeletal systems. That’s important.”

For Born, it’s also important to practice what he preaches. “I’m very involved with diet and exercise, yoga and stretching, for the past 30 years on a regular basis,” he says.

Born adds that he encourages his clients to live a more healthy lifestyle, as well.

Despite the recent recession and slow recovery, Born says that he stays busy. “It comes and goes,” he says. “We’ve all taken a hit.”

But a massage or an adjustment is a worthy indulgence, Born says, because of all the benefits it offers health.

“It’s positive for everyone to have some sort of movement therapy. It will help them move better, have a healthier life and most likely help them be mobile well into their later years. There is nothing else that can do that.”


Top photo: Tom Born helps his clients stay mobile and fit with massage and chiropractic services. (courtesy photo)