Trilogy offers unique books from a unique family


Trilogy Bookstore
126 N. Avondale Road
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Hence the store’s name: Trilogy.

“The three of us, along with our three children, worked tirelessly to turn the dream into a reality,” says Sean Tonkin. “Combining each of our unique talents and experience, we have created a store as eclectic as we are. It is truly a ‘family’ business, in every sense of the word.”

The Tonkins were thrilled to open the store in the quaint downtown of Avondale Estates.

“It is a small town nestled in amongst the city and is full of very accepting people. It has a large gay and gay friendly population as well,” Tonkin says.

Trilogy focuses on “products and services to improve your mind, body and spirit,” he says.

“We have books on everything from astrology, to personal growth, to Buddhism, to paganism, shamanism, alternative healing and medicine, etc. We also offer Yoga, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Tarot and Astrology classes,” Tonkin says.

Trilogy’s owners also believe in giving back to the community, including the local LGBT community. They offer space in the store for non-profit groups, and Sean and Valentin Tonkin now serve on the board for Just Cause, Inc., the parent group for East Side Pride and Generation[Q], a new group for LGBT youth and their allies to gather for discussion and support.

“Our daughter is 14 and a member of G[Q]. She has told us that it is the first place that she has felt so totally accepted and can be herself without being judged,” Tonkin says.

“Even though she is a straight ally, growing up with gay dads, in the past, has caused her some issues with people, and this has allowed her to truly be herself and enjoy hanging out with like-minded individuals,” he says.


Top photo: Sean Tonkin (left) and Valentin Tonkin (right), two of Trilogy Bookstore’s owners, with Lorrie Lynn King, leader of East Side Pride, which meets at the store. (Photo via Facebook)