Urban Cannibals Bodega & Bites
477 Flat Shoals Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30316

The store carries a lot of local food while at the same time trying to keep prices affordable.

Operating a business as a wife-wife team poses challenges but is also amazing, they say.

“Amazing because we are polar opposites in a lot of ways — vegetarian and not vegetarian is one small difference,” they say.

The two are workaholics and that keeps things moving energetically. The duo is always planning and preparing “what’s next.”

But the greatest challenge is finding time for just the two of them — that does not involve working every day, all day.

“We’re together at the store 14 hours a day, six days a week with the seventh day left for errands, which does not constitute togetherness as some people have suggested,” they say.

Roberts is working on her seventh CD as well as baking at the store and doing the marketing. When Roberts recently toured France for three weeks, Donati came along.

“We regained some much needed perspective and cut back our hours the second we landed home,” they say. “It’s made a huge difference in how we plan our days and free time — meaning we actually go to the movies from time to time now.”

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