Health & Fitness: Meet your motivation

Health: Fighting addiction, working out, and inspiring others

Jason Davis

Chicago Pride pics, work-out Instagrams and a meme that says “no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch” led to an odd silence on Jason Davis’ Facebook last summer.

Usually busy with cheeky updates and promos for the nights he tends bar at Mary’s in East Atlanta, his feed went mysteriously dark for three months starting last August before he returned quietly with more of the same.

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Health: Facing cancer as a couple

Patt Cianciullo and Maggie Lopez

Maggie Lopez and Patt Cianciullo have been partners for six years and are married in Cianciullo’s home state of Connecticut. Now living in Atlanta, they have spent the last two years coping with cancer through faith, hope and humor.

Cianciullo was no stranger to caring for a cancer patient when Lopez was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010.

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Health: Quitting (smoking) hot

Rev. Paul Turner

After more than four decades where Rev. Paul Turner’s hand was never far from a cigarette, he finally got mad enough to quit for good.

New Year’s Eve marked nine weeks since his last cigarette.

“I quit something that I should have never have started,” Turner said.

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