Current Health Initiative Programs

The Health Fund: Provides access to health screenings, annual physicals, dental treatments, prescription medication and more by working with LGBTQ providers who offer free or discounted services. When donations make it possible, can offer direct assistance to those who apply and are approved.

Real Bois Talk: A program for masculine-identified African-American gay females. The program meets monthly at the Rush Center.

Domestic Violence Perpetrators and Survivors Support Groups: For survivors, the group offers a chance to work toward their recovery in a group atmosphere. For perpetrators, a separate program is designed to help manage anger and teach preventative measures. Both groups meet once a week at the Rush Center.

Weight Watchers: A health-conscious weight loss group meets every Saturday morning at the Rush Center.

Fourth Tuesday: The Health Initiative’s social group for women meets to promote healthy business and personal networking. The group regularly hosts dinners and social mixers throughout the year.

SAGE Atlanta (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders): This group serves LGBT seniors by providing the opportunity for social interaction and advocacy. The group meets every Thursday morning at the Rush Center.

Decatur Women’s Sports League: Softball, bowling, volleyball and other sports are organized to benefit the Health Initiative. For schedules, visit 

Originally founded in 1996 by Dennie Doucher, Sherry Hale and Linda McGehee as the Atlanta Lesbian Cancer Initiative, the organization has gone through a series of changes in its 17-year history, but its focus has always centered around health and wellness.

“What we are trying to do, as much as possible, is keep people as individuals tied into our communities wherever we’re connected. We’re not trying to reinvent programming, we’re trying to provide access to care,” Ellis said.

In addition to offering referrals and access to the health fund, the Health Initiative also regularly hosts programming specific to LGBT needs at the Rush Center throughout each month.

Increased programming and health fairs

As it moves into 2013, the Health Initiative will continue to offer a series of health and wellness programming ranging from domestic violence support to weight loss and elder services. (See sidebar for a complete list of the Health Initiative’s programs)

The organization also hosts a series of health fairs throughout the year, which Ellis said may be scaled back in size, but held more frequently, in 2013.

“They’ll be smaller, but there will be more of them,” Ellis said of the organization’s plans for fairs in the New Year.

Expect to see the Health Initiative at more LGBT events across the state, including some of the state’s largest Pride festivals outside of Atlanta.

“We’re trying to partner with each of the Pride organizations around the state,” Ellis said. “We want to go in and offer a community training for healthcare providers for that area and a corresponding health fair.”

The idea is that the Health Initiative can work with local organizations and care providers to create a network of LGBT-friendly (and properly trained) medical professionals around the state.

The biggest challenge, Ellis said, of reaching out to LGBT individuals regarding their health is crafting a message that will received by people who may have spent time outside of the traditional healthcare system.

“If you don’t see yourself in the health message, you’re not as likely to adopt it, particularly for younger people,” Ellis said. “We have to come up with a way to help, whether it’s to do more push ups or shifting your diet. We have to come up with ways to make that a priority as a community.”


Top photo: The Fall Garden Party is the largest fundraiser for the Health Initiative, which provides information and services to LGBT Georgians. (by Dyana Bagby)

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