AID Atlanta will receive almost $750,000 thanks to a fundraiser by Delta Air Lines. The Atlanta-based Delta hosted a 15-day fundraising campaign that launched on Dec. 1 encouraging SkyMiles members to donate a minimum of $250 prior to Dec. 15. In return, the members would receive a certain number of Medallion Qualification Miles depending on their donation amount.

The $745,000 in donations for AID Atlanta makes Delta the largest corporate fundraising partner for the HIV agency. This also marks the first time AID Atlanta has joined in Delta’s MQM promotion and the success came just in time.

“Delta Air Lines’ generosity comes at a critical time,” said Mark B. Rinder, chairman of the Board of AID Atlanta, in a press release. “Demand for our services continues to grow while corporate and foundation grant-giving has dropped significantly. Over the past two years, we have found it difficult to keep pace with the demand. We still need support from others and are thankful for Delta Air Lines’ leadership.” Delta Air Lines has many years of support of AID Atlanta’s goal to help minimize HIV infections and maximize the excellence of life of those already infected.

The sky’s the limit: AID Atlanta receives $745,000 donation from Delta

AID Atlanta Executive Director Tracy Elliott said the Delta support comes at the end of a difficult year for fundraising.

“At AID Atlanta, we operate from an abundance mentality,” Elliott said. “That means we believe that our work — because it is good work— will be honored and supported, and that there are plenty of resources available for us to be successful. It’s been difficult to maintain an abundance mentality this year but Delta has proven once again why we continue to have faith.”