Your wedding day: Price and Carlos Correa

There’s a Josh Groban song that begins with the lyrics, “When you say you love me, the world goes still, so still inside … for a moment, there’s no one else alive.”

For newlyweds Price and Carlos Correa, it wasn’t the “I love you” that first enveloped the two in a moment where no one but each other was there. Rather, it was when Carlos sang a Josh Groban song to his future husband, mere hours after they first met.

“I just got goosebumps,” Price said. “That was when I knew I couldn’t imagine my life without him, and it was weird because I’d only known him for like, three days. I had this glimmer of this life.”

The two met at a party in Dallas, Texas, and first ran into each other outside of their hotels. While driving to lunch later with mutual friends, Price remembers glancing back at Carlos in the mirror.

“It’s funny because I remember thinking he was really handsome. He kind of like, winked at me. I asked, ‘Are you flirting with me?’” Price said.

The memorable Josh Groban song followed. That was in 2010, and the two were finally married in October 2016.

For nearly a year, the Correas managed a long-distance relationship. Carlos worked for Delta at the time in Atlanta, and would fly back and forth to Arkansas to visit Price.

“I did tell Price that I wasn’t going to get married until it was recognized in the state [of Georgia]. Why get married and then it’s not recognized at home?” Carlos said.

(Photo by Jack and Jenna Photography)

The day same-sex marriage became legal, they set their wedding date.

“We had already picked out our invitations and everything. The moment we knew, we ordered everything,” Price said. “I honestly didn’t think I’d see it in my lifetime.”

He said he had boxes color-coded of what was going where and to which table, but still had nightmares they’d run out of food or alcohol.

“I was so mortified that we’d get there and we wouldn’t have anything in time,” Price said.

There wasn’t anything to worry about: Carlos’ Puerto Rican family took it upon themselves to make the whole thing go off without a hitch, leaving the grooms stress-free on the day of their wedding.

“From the moment we got engaged, we started calling each other ‘husband’ just because we never though it would be legal. It was so funny… we didn’t have our rings [to exchange], we were still wearing them,” Price said. “We were holding each other’s hands, slipping the rings off and putting them right back on.”

Carlos called Price the calm to his storm — one really organized and a planner, one chronically late — and said one of his favorite memories of them together was getting Price to understand his job as a flight attendant.

“He didn’t understand what I did. I took him on his first trip internationally. He’s never been outside of the US,” Carlos said. “That was just exciting and such a great experience — business cabin and all of that. We went to Manchester, UK, and it was just so awesome.”

The two recently celebrated their “honeymoon” with a return trip to that destination. On a normal date night, the Correas love eating out and visiting the Atlanta Eagle and other bars around town.

They’ve been through a lot in their nearly seven years together, and the two relish being each other’s rock no matter the trials.

“He taught me how to be more patient and understanding, because I was so high-strung when we met,” Price said. “We built a house together, we’re getting ready to adopt, we have wonderful jobs. It’s been phenomenal. It’s been a wonderful ride so far.”

(Photo by Jack and Jenna Photography)