Milestones: Ryan Watkins & Alissa Cullinan, Jon Garcia & Chris Hough, Susan Bird

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Georgia Voice web manager Ryan Watkins and Alissa Cullinan are pleased to announce the birth of their first daughter, Lucy Jayne Watkins. On March 23, 2010, the couple welcomed a healthy (and robust) nine pound, four ounce baby to the world. They were surrounded by friends and family. After nine long months, they are excited to finally start their family.


Jon Garcia and Chris Hough will celebrate their seven-year anniversary on April 3, 2010.


Fans turned out March 27 to bid “au revoir” to Paris Decatur, the LGBT bar owned by Susan Bird. “It has been a great run, and I have learned a lot. I have had great support from my friends, and I have met so many interesting and wonderful people that I now feel privileged to call my friends,” Bird said in a press release.