Thursday, Nov. 29, 8 p.m.
Variety Playhouse, 1099 Euclid Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307

We caught up with Grassi, age 20, as Pentatonix embarked on the multi-city U.S. tour that brings the group to Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse on Nov. 29.

How did your musical background lead you to Pentatonix?

Mitch Grassi: Pentatonix started out as a trio with Kirstie, Scott and me, because we had been in choir for most of our high school careers. I guess that was a big influence.

More than that, especially now, currently with the music we are doing, we all have different musical influences. I would say that mine is a little bit more electronic. Scott’s is a little more R&B. It’s kind of a melting pot of different genres.

A pentatone is defined as “a gapped scale with five notes; usually the fourth and seventh notes of the diatonic scale are omitted.” Please say something about the choice of Pentatonix as the name of the group.

The pentatonic scale is a scale that’s very popular in R&B, soul and pop music. We use a lot of it in general and when we are writing music. It’s a five-note scale and we have five members, so we thought it was pretty appropriate.

Do members of the group have assigned tasks? For example, are harmony or rhythm parts assigned to specific people or are the duties evenly distributed?

That’s an interesting question. I would say that Kevin and Avi are the rhythm section and the rest of us are the vocalists. Sometimes we’ll switch positions. I actually really do like doing rhythms, but it rarely happens because I can’t get those low ends that Avi can usually get.

Four of the six songs on the “Volume 1” EP are covers. What is involved in the group’s song selection process?

We’ll discuss our favorite songs of the time or songs that we always really wanted to do as a group. It was a bit difficult at first, because we had so many possibilities and options. In the end, I think we chose the right ones.

It was just a matter of, can we arrange these songs for the group, will it sound good, are we going to have a good lead vocalist? There are a bunch of factors, basically.

What was involved in the songwriting process of the two originals, “Show You How to Love” and “The Baddest Girl”?

That was quite a process in itself, because we had never done that before. We knocked out the covers for the EP first and then we were like, “now what do we do?” (When it came to writing the songs) I think it was melody first. We had a friend named Ben Bram help us out with the arranging process. It was difficult. It was trial and error.

Pentatonix’s six song EP has the “Volume 1” label – when can we expect “Volume 2”?

We’re hoping next spring at the latest.

Is that also going to be in EP or will it be a full-length disc?

We’re still in the deciding process [laughs]. It would make sense if it was a second EP, but I think we’re ready to pop out an album.

Pentatonix is embarking on a US tour. What can people expect from a Pentatonix show?

If they’ve seen any of our earlier shows, they can expect more of a “show.” We’re putting together some different things, some treats hidden in there. We’re going to change things up a little bit and make it more interesting. It’s going to be a real show.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being one of two gay members of Pentatonix?

There are actually more advantages than disadvantages. I think it’s a great thing. I love that our fans are so accepting of it. It’s amazing; it makes me feel so close to them.

Some people might say that being openly gay in the music business might deter you from having a career, but I don’t think that’s true. My career, as a queer person, has been pretty successful. We’re still on our way up, but I think we’ve been doing an amazing job.

I love the support. I’m proud.


Top photo: Pentatonix is made up of (left to right) Kevin Olusola, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado and Avi Kaplan. (via Facebook)

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      • Kathi

        Absolutely amazing group! Who cares about their sexual orientation?

    • Josh

      You have got to be kidding me. How can you judge music based on the sexuality of a manner of the group. They are so good. You have to be füçking kidding me!

      • shelbythe13yrold

        i didnt even know mitch was gay until i saw one of the outfits he was wearing in the music videos on utube. and i googled and yerp he gay. and then i JUST found out scott was gay. but it makes them all the better! u go guys!

    • Donna Hughes

      I am a 55 year old woman and a Christian. I love Pentatonix. I think everyone of the group members are very talented and sing with their souls. They are pleasing to look at while preforming, some are not. It does not matter to me if they are gay or not no more then what religion they are. That is their business. I will keep listening to them and if possible would love to see them live. Their music is beautiful and heartfelt.

    • jasmine

      I don’t care everyone is different and that’s that so don’t make him feel bad him and the whole group sound amazing and they are nice people on a scale of 1-10 I give them 100 bravo ptx

    • Orion

      There is no goddamn way that's real, merely a fabrication produced by the pro gay communists who plague the world and make it their goal to destroy ggood solid American life.

      • Olivia

        No it’s true. But that doesn’t make Mitch any less of a person then you or I. To me it doesn’t matter because he’s talented and its who he is.

      • Lake

        your good, solid American life was built upon the idea that all men were created equal. Mitch, and anyone else, can be whoever and whatever they want to be. Open your eyes. There is more to the world that your bubble of false comfort.

      • Anonymous101

        XD a plague (WhyCantIJustUse8CharactersLikeANormalPerson?)

    • Youneedtostop

      You need to stop. It doesn’t matter. Being gay isn’t a choice, but being a homophobic string of four letter words is. Please keep these sort of comments to yourself because if you’re not going to care about them then pleases keep to yourself. I always have and always will love them. Then again I love gay people. 🙂

      • Brett

        Whatever anyone chooses is their business, but being gay is absolutely a choice.

      • Sarojini

        For the morons who replied to this comment by saying “gay is a choice”. No it is not. Your sexuality is NOT your freaking choice. Your gender maybe, your sexuality-who you are attracted to is NOT. Why would anyone decide to be attracted to the person of the same sex when there is SO much hate. It’s wayyyyyyy easier to be heterosexual. Anyways, if you still think it’s a choice, go educate yourself because willful ignorance is sinful and unforgivable.

      • Free

        the verse is often marshaled in order to defend against any declaration that a given person’s behavior is wrong (quite often marshaled by the person in question). Effectively, when quoted as such, the verse is understood as a prohibition against declaring any specific action sinful or wrong, since doing so would mean “judging” someone.

        Hypocrisy, not judgment, is the problem
        Often this verse is thrown around after some church figure (like Ted Haggard, for example) is found to be doing the very things he thundered against in the pulpit. “See,” it is said, “he shouldn’t have judged—he’s no better than anyone else.” Though this latter interpretation is often considered to be an extension of the former, the first interpretation entirely misses the point of the passage while the latter one nails it dead center. Despite how it appears if one stops reading after the first verse, this passage in Matthew is not forbidding judgment but hypocrisy. Yet again, we find that a text without a context is a pretext—the primary exegetical fault leading to misinterpretation is neglecting to read closely the surrounding section of a key verse.

        Jesus follows up his warning against judgment with an explanation—we will all be judged by the same measure that we use. If we cannot hold to the standard we use, we have no business applying that standard to others. There are two possible responses to this statement: one, operating under the assumption that no one can possibly live up to a high standard, holds to the interpretation mentioned above that no one should ever judge anyone else, since we’re all sinners. The second possibility is that we should all amend our own behavior and live properly before exercising judgment and helping others to do the same.

        The former is a popular option in today’s culture, which emphasizes “tolerance” as one of the highest virtues, while the latter is the choice actually made in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus rebukes the hearer in the verses immediately following the ones we’re discussing,

        “Why do you see the splinter in your brother’s eye but do not notice the log in your own eye? … You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to take the splinter out of your brother’s eye.” (7:3, 5)

  1. Lara

    That’s a pretty ridiculous generalization. Their music is fantastic, regardless of his orientation.

  2. BIRDY

    Maybe IILore meant. Because they’re selling songs about to Christ/God?! Hell I’m not judging. I don’t give a damn. But wow. Selling the very thing that condemns it? Lol. “Mary did you (also) know? Lol.

  3. mitchisqueen

    Mitch is queen. His voice is angelic and beautiful. His sexuality doesnt matter coz as long he is happy with whatever gender, who are we to judge? Its his choice, we have to just accept and support him. Why? Because mitch is queen. End of story.

    • steven

      Thank you so many people dont like Pentatonix because mitch is gay i love then for who they are i am 17 and i am gay and it’s hard because i love to sing and no one cares to listen because i am gay


      Yassss Mitch is queen! Sexual orientation had nothing to do with it, that was just a bonus. 😛

    • LovinAvi

      Unfortunately there are always gonna be haters. Mitch n Scott being gay doesn’t take away fun the fact that they are awesome!! Everyone hating on him cuz he gay it’s mostly just jealously. As people they seem genuinely nice ppl, gay or not.

  4. Laney

    What i want to know is if everything is so “equal” for everyone… why didn’t they interview the “others” who are not “gay” and ask them how they feel about being in the group when they chose to sleep with people of the opposite sex? If i ever get on tv or anything else first thing I’m going to is take an hour telling my life story and then at the end… i’m going to start crying and say I want to make this known publicly… I sleep with men… NOT because i want people to know i’m NOT gay/lesbanian… BUT because it will show how stupid and irrelevant it is to have to point this crap out for every single person who chooses to sleep with someone of the same sex. Why do they need to keep bringing it up? What the heck does singing a song have to do with who you have sex with? Why does it have to be known or stated or made so obvious to try to make him look like the poor pitiful person that he’s obviously fighting NOT to be. The subject is as old as the 80’s… move on.

    • brick

      I am SOOOO with you on that, Laney. I suppose the same-sex crowd will continue to say they bring it up to comfort others out there who are of the same persuasion, but it has reached the point of the absurd. EVERY time there’s a “first” (like the Mizzo footballer who signed a pro contract only to flop), the media (AND obama) treat it like the second coming. Keep your blasted sexual proclivities to yourself and just proceed with whatever the hell it is you are supposed to be doing!

      • natalie

        I’m not sure if this is too late to reply to your comment but the Georgia Voice (the website this interview was hosted through…and the one you’re currently on) is an LGBT+ news organization so they interviewed Mitch because of his orientation. It gives LGBT+ people another positive role model who can confirm (like Mitch said) that being gay doesn’t end your career. There’s plenty of interviews with Avi and Kevin (also of Pentatonix) and they are straight. Also, Mitch is generally a fun person and gives very funny answers in interviews, so he’s pretty good to interview.

    • Sharon

      As old as the 80s? Ha. It’s as old as the Old Testament. And God hasn’t changed His mind about homosexual sin or hetrosexual sin or any sin for that matter. He knows we can’t fix their sin or even our own. That’s why Jesus was willing to be sacrificed. So we are not to condone or approve any sin of ours or theirs. God calls upon us to love each individual. To appreciate what they share and to give praise where due. The scripture says to not withhold any good thing when it is in our power to give it. No one should be rewarded for their sin though. In other words should not all people have housing medical care food? But they should not ‘marry’ as marriage was created by God and specifically states for men and women. Not same sex. It’s like saying diabetics need to eat but would it be a ‘good thing’ for us to ply them with sugar? I think not. And by the way. They are an awesome group. I have loved everything I’ve heard from them. Each voice is lovely in itself.

      • Antonymous

        Please, cry us a river with your trite “god hates fags” novel and litany!

      • Jackie

        I agree. Despite ourselves Jesus loved all of us to take the penalty for our sin on Himself so we could be restored to God through His sacrifice. That being said I have a deep appreciation for the God given talent displayed by the group. And the Lord always uses truth to draw us to Him. When they sing Mary did you know they testify to their own spirits the power of His love. To redeem and restore to perfection that which had fallen .

      • Bimbo

        Sharon i like your comment. and yes God has not changed his mind and will not. i love their songs too. human beings wants to hear only the good sides and leave the bad sides. God speaks against Gay or same sex. I pray Mitch and Scott give their life to Christ. the sooner the better. because Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

    • Lake

      Because you’re not the minority!!!!! No, songs don’t have to do with who you have sex with. Gays and lesbians do not just wake up one morning and decide to have sex with the same gender! Also, why is Mitch poor and pitiful just because he is gay? He is, and has always been, strong and the fact that he is openly gay just means that he is saying, ‘this is who I am, deal with it’!
      (P.S. If you didn’t want people to know that you’re NOT gay/lesbian, then why did you state that you like to sleep with guys? Also, why should we care? Why does every strait person need to keep bringing up the fact that they like to sleep with the opposite gender? )

    • linds

      well he is a amazing singer and he can do awesome things that some girls even cant do and i am a soprano and i can hit the notes he can hit and it is so hard on your lungs and his girly voice is honestly adorable and yes he is gay but that doesn’t change anything he is amazing so just let him be him <3

    • Kortney Davis

      FYI he’s a counter-tenor, they tend to sing in the upper-range almost soprano-like.

    • Antonymous

      Yeah, I mean it’s perfecty fine but, I’m also surprised and find it almost hard to believe, because Chris Colfer is gay too.
      As a straight guy non conforming to gender stereotypes and in touch with his “feminine” side, I certainly would prefer to have more example to further my point that makeup, painted nails, singing girl song at high pitches, etc, don’t make you gay.

  5. steven

    OK so people are hating on mitch because he is gay fuck off ok. I am 17 and gay. I know how hard it is to be gay and i look at people that have a problem with it and say if you dont like it then stay the hell away from me. people judge to much after people get to know me they tell me i am the coolist gay guy they have ever met.

  6. mitch rules

    why are people hating Mitch he is cute, sounds amazing, and yes gay so what I have a gay uncle but I put that aside and look at how loving and fun he is not that he is gay so do the same to Mitch cause he rules

    • Love Mitch!

      Yessssssss. Mitch rules! He really does. I love gay people. Why? Because they’re awesome. 🙂 They have all my respect. And Mitch being open is really great. His voice is amazing and he’s super cute to boot!

  7. gomitchgrassiassi

    I love Mitch he is gay and that is that. I don’t see the problem. He is who he is. Why be mean to him just because of his sexuality. He is so talented and would never be unkind to you if you were gay would he? Go Mitch Grassi!

  8. Stacey

    I’m a straight girl and I love the entire band. I could honestly care less if any of them are gay or not, their music is fantastic.

    • Love Mitch!

      I’m the same way! I love Mitch and Scott and everyone else. I know I’ll probably never get to meet them, but it’s fun to fantasize. 😉 😀

  9. Rebecca

    What bothers me is that there are still people out there who think sexual orientation is a choice. No one chooses to be gay. It’s how they’re born. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s how God chooses to make some of HIS children. Love you, Mitch. You are so adorable. Keep singing like the angel YOU are.

    • Kortney Davis

      Scott is the other one, not that it matters or anything. Both of them are amazing singers as are Kirstie, K.O. and Avi. Who cares about their sexual orientation?!?! Let them be who they are and they’ll keep making great music that everyone enjoys.

  10. I

    Mitch is so awesome and his voice is amazing. I love him so much!! He can be who he wants to be and he is proud to be himself.

    • Love Mitch!

      I dooooo! His voice is great, he’s great, he’s cute, and he’s just amazing all together!

  11. Jerry

    Always interesting reading comments about this stuff. The 1st comment I believe is a sarcastic one because it’s pretty ridiculous, but if it’s not than that’s just what it is. I discovered PTX on YT about a year ago from their Dog Days performance on the Sing Off and next thing I know I’m watching all their performances on the show and stuff on YT. Mitch saying he’s gay isn’t (or shouldn’t?) be surprising and not sure why it’s the headline when it’s the tiniest part of the interview (I think someone commented this is a LGBT website). It would be surprising to me if he said he was straight (I know assuming is bad but c’mon). The biggest thing I took away from this article is Ben Bram did all of PTX’s arrangements during the show and their YT stuff (that Grammy they won has Ben’s name on it). Did research on Ben while reading this article and he actually formed PTX through Scott who was part of the USC a capella group that won 4 straight collegiate titles coached by Ben. Not a huge surprise since it’s a tv singing competition and knew the choreography was set-up, but was a little disappointed that those great arrangements from PTX wasn’t fully their own, but figured it’s like sports. I mean I love my Houston Rockets and we couldn’t of gotten to the Western Conference Finals w/o our coach Kevin McHale (never thought I’d compare sports to a capella, thanks PTX). So I guess I’m really a Ben Bram/PTX fan (who went on to help arrangements for Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, Glee, and other tv singing shows on MTV, HBO, Life, etc.). OK, you guys can continue to argue or flaunt being gay or straight or purple or blue

    • rome guy

      Yep,, that’s kinda how I see it… Or, ptx is actually 6 people, but one doesn’t perform.

  12. valentine

    People hate gays In my country. When they learnt pentatonix was gay,they threw out his album….but they plug in earpiece for his songs…lol

  13. Felipé

    These comments are just astounding. The support is definitely there. There’s just so much hate in the world that we need more people and supporters to promote love and happiness. Pentatonix sparked my interest during sing off and I’ve been following them consistently and they never cease to surprise me. Their music is innovative, and peculiar in a way that keeps you listening. Altogether the group’s heartwarming talent translates really well through their music and keeps me wanting more and more of their music. For me, that’s all that’s important. Great people who make Great Artist and give me Great Music so I can have a Great Day ha-ha.

    • Hermione

      I agree! There is so much hate in the world, and there is nothing we can do about it. What we can do, is make ourselves not a hater. Change yourself, then maybe more will change, because they want to.
      I am a little tired of hearing all these comments about how Mitch is gay, when that is only one part. There are so many more things you could talk about that are more important. I agree with ‘stephen’, I am only 11, but I have grandparents who are gay, and when I found out, nothing changed.

      All I am going to say is that Mitch Grassi is an amazing singer, and a funny person overall.

  14. Lake

    Being gay is not a personality definition. The only thing it says is that you are attracted to the same sex. No one ever deserves to be defined by something that they didn’t choose. And while no, none of the songs are ” TWO PEOPLE ARE GAY!!! OH HOORAY!!!!!! THE FUTURE IS HERE!!! TWO PEOPLE ARE QUEER!!!!! just the fact that the rest of the band and all of the fans love Mitch for who he is means a lot. I am 12 years old and lesbian, and I have always loved Pentatonix since I heard them. When I heard that Mitch was openly gay, I started to to feel more comfortable with myself, because I had always been defined by my sexuality, not my personality. Any way, Mitch is the definition of flawless, and if he happens to be gay, then go him!!

    • Bimbo

      Lake i’m not judging you. but i noticed no one likes to accept the truth. everyone wants to be praised and adored. God never instituted the gay and lesbian thing. it started from men and women in this world. one person probably started it and everyone followed. because your grandparents are gay doesn’t mean it is the right thing. you’re young and you have the opportunity to change this. you can go to God in prayer in order to be convinced if its right or not. pray genuinely to God and he will answer. Don’t copy what others do.. Jesus needs and wants you. he is the way the truth and the life. he wants all men to come to him. He does not want anyone to perish. God bless you.

  15. Keely

    I thank God for blessing us with Mitch and Pentatonix. They sound like angels and God created them each perfect just the way they are. We love each of you, don’t ever change.

    • Pitch

      You know, Lucifer sounds like an angel, too. And he became Satan by his own choice, God didn’t create him like that.

  16. Kris Rieck

    It is important to be authentic and truthful about who we are as people, even in the face of hatred and ignorance, even when other people are disrespectful. It is vitally important for people in the public eye, like Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying to courageously and persistently be “out and proud” as gay men. It proves that sexual/affectional orientation can occur in talented people who have something good and beautiful to contribute to society.

    This website magazine exists to give emotional and social support to gay men, lesbians, queer people, transgender people so that when hatred and prejudice is dished out to them by those who STILL don’t seem to realize that we live in a secular nation (not a theocracy) they can know that they are not alone. I respect Mitch Grassi for being willing to say “yes, I am gay and I am proud to let people know this about me”: because pride is the antidote to shame. I love Mitch’s voice and his musical talent is amazing!

    And I love it that he is willing to try to change society to be more accepting of gay people. Growing up in Arlington, Texas as a young gay kid could not have been easy. As feminine as he is in his natural gestures and mannerisms, you know he had to have been bullied at school for that. Why does our culture hate feminity in men? I applaud Mitch for all that he accomplishes, while not hiding a single truth about himself.

    Gay Pride is the willingness of anyone to stand up and say “this is who I am, this is who I love, this is why full civil rights for everyone is necessary to overcome prejudice & ignorance”.

    When hatred of gay people, judgement towards gay people, religious prejudice against gay people are allowed to flourish, then inevitably violent acts of aggression against gay people are also allowed to happen. So, stand up against prejudice! Fight it wherever it appears!

    • Pitch

      “It is important to be authentic and truthful about who we are as people, even in the face of hatred and ignorance”

      More important than that is to be mentally sane and to do the right things. Even in the face of social stupidity and wrong impulses. We are what we strive to be, BY EDUCATION. Sometimes it’s not easy to fight the wrong desires, but we should cultivate what is good and get rid of what is wrong.

      There is nothing admirable in being “proud” of a deviant sexual behavior. Yes, they are very talented, but that doesn’t make all they do right.

      Disagreeing with an abnormal and destructive behavior is not “hatred”, nor “ignorance”.

      I am proud to be able to see the difference between a man and a woman and the role of each in a relation.

      • Tom

        Why an individual like this Pitch is wonton to keep defending his apparent hetero status by “screaming” at those who are not in his “normal” classification is beyond comprehension. Why is (s)he even on this site? My personal and professional assessment is that (s)he is not absolute in resolution about his/her personal orientation. Society conditioned him/her to be “normal” based on biased “Christian” teachings. Love it when Christians return to the old testament to cover their prejudices with old writings designed to hold together growing societies. Those groups or tribes had been given the Ten Commandments to be their divine guide for living. As the groups expanded and merged and customs had to be assimilated laws issued by the primary mortal rulers of the era were decreed to hold the society together through strict guidelines with understood, clearly written punishments – “an eye for an eye” and other human controls were placed upon society and the 10 Commandments were not always taken into consideration as general law. But, every culture (most based in some type of religion) had the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and that extended out to “Judge not lest ye be judged!”. Let’s shift to the focus of Christianity – belief that Christ Jesus is the son of god. New Testament comes into play. He taught “turn the other cheek” and warned about “live by the sword, die by the sword” and admonished all to never cast a stone at one who breaks a commandment or law unless you are absolutely sinless yourself.

        Pitch might believe self to be “Pitch Perfect” but pathetic is more likely the adjective that applies. Education is the solution – scientific evidence not old testament dictations of control. And remember Pitch, don’t ever drop your seed (or tickle your clit is that’s you) cuz that is forbidden; as is eating shell fish or meat from animals with cloven hoofs. Don’t judge, buddy. Live and let live. Be only concerned about your own well-being and leave those you cannot understand because they are different. God does not make trash – God creates only good; if you are a true believer you understand that. If you have your own set of values based on elementary-level understanding about the differences in all species you should explore all the information that is available by traditional print and the internet. At least try to get enough understanding from your new education that will allow you to reach a level of tolerance if not acceptance. You will find yourself feeling a wee bit more real as a Christian. Good luck.

    • Bimbo

      Kris, people prefer to hear the lies and its really bad. it doesn’t matter if Mitch has an angelic voice. lucifer also had an angelic voice before he was thrown down from heaven. it’s Good you embrace the truth and stick to it. because only the truth can set us free. Jesus is the way the truth and life. accept him today as your lord and personal saviour and let him direct your path. I wish you the best.

  17. KindofMagic

    Like Kirstie said in the cover of Problem (ariana grande), tell ’em, Mitch!
    Hey, I was wondering: are Mitch and Scott dating?

  18. miyo

    The fact is that mitc has a good voice & we praise God for that. But being “gay or a lesbian” is one thing God did not create in us, don’t let anyone lie 2 u. Being gay is sin even the bible says so!

    • Antonymous

      Stop with this freaking litany, “je n’ai marre” of it. Enough of people bringing up God to say being gay is wrong. Don’t say me you posticipated sex to your marriage as the Bible say. and Btw God hates shrimps too, so shut up and cry me a river.

      • Pitch

        Then grab a book of anatomy. It has pictures. Enough of people bringing their own subjective useless opinions to say that being gay is not wrong.

      • Bimbo

        Being Gay is 100% sin. God has never changed his instructions. Embrace the truth today and stick to it. because only the truth can set us free. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. accept him today as your lord and personal saviour and let him guide and direct your path.

  19. Presh

    Being gay is not a choice and so, he should be given a chance to be happy.

    • Antonymous

      Cool, but hey even if it were a choice, it would be all about fine and that’s what the point is about. Because if it were actually a criminal offence (and it’s not by any stretch of immagination, besides that of backward fundamentalists), of course it wouldn’t matter if you were born with that inclination, you shouldn’t act on it.

    • Pitch

      All your actions are a choice. Including homosexual behavior and sex.

      • Tronald dump

        Homosexuality is not an action, it’s a way people just are, and that can’t be changed

  20. Tracy

    A sure sign that human beings have a long way to go is the man’s talent should be our focus. Where are the articles written about an artist with incredible talent who’s heterosexual and make it about their sexuality?

    Mitch, you’re beautiful in every way, luv!

  21. God blessed them

    God gave us free will. A person chooses to be gay. It could be from a number of things, but God loves us all, and hates the sin. We are to love the sinner and hate the sin. God definitely gave them all the gift to sing!

    • Teresa

      A person does NOT choose to be gay. I have a close gay friend whose partner died of AIDS and I remember one night soon after that that we spent the whole night talking and him weeping and wondering why God made him gay, his family rejected him, his partner died of AIDS (and he himself was HIV positive) and one of the things he said was if there was any way I could have chosen to be straight he would have, that while he had known great love with his long time partner he had suffered even more. He said no one would CHOOSE that knowing the idiots like you he would have to suffer in his life. And in terms of sin. We are ALL sinners. While you might want to point your finger and say being gay is a bigger ¨sin¨ all sins are created equal which is why we are to love everyone without exception, gay or straight, black or white or any color in between, people are people. Full stop.


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