$25K raised at East Point Possums show

Drag queens and drag kings gathered together to perform at the 17th annual East Point Possums Show in downtown East Point and organizers say they raised some $25,000 to go to Lost-N-Found Youth, an organization helping Atlanta LGBT homeless youth find permanent housing.

It was a gorgeous night for the outdoor show that attracted more than 1,000 people to see more than a dozen acts perform.

Sissy Sweet Tea, aka John Jeffrey aka Prissy Cilla, and a founding member of the Possum show, wrote on his Facebook page after the show:

“I am still reeling in the wonderful love, respect and support from yesterday’s event. It makes this old queen VERY proud to have such a wonderful community. Who would have known that 17 years doing a booger drag show in a friends backyard, we would be blessed with one of the most crazy, largest outlets to raise money for charity. Over $25,000 raised in tips and drink sales!!!!!!!

“We could not have done this without the support of our amazing volunteers, awesome entertainers, DJ, event company, sponsors and most importantly YOU the audience. Our city and neighbors have embraced this havoc that is Possum week invading our neighborhood. Our Police, Fire, EMT and city council, thank you for helping us put another one on the record books!”

The annual event is part of Atlanta Pride’s Stonewall Month of activities.

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