AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta settles into new home

In addition to the lab and research equipment, ARCA also had to find a new place to store more than 15 years of records as required by the Food & Drug Administration.

A fundraising drive called Operation Move ARCA was set up to help the service organization fund the move to its new home.

So far, ARCA has raised about half of its goal of $10,000, Thompson said. The fundraising effort will continue through the next few months to help bridge that gap. ARCA is currently accepting donations through its Facebook page.

Thompson said ARCA would be up and running on Monday, Nov. 12.

“We’re going to be really happy here,” Thompson said. “We’ll be starting three new studies within the next couple of weeks and that will be exciting.”


Top photo: Dr. Melanie Thompson, executive director AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta (file)