Moses Perdue, the commander of the Office of Professional Standards with the Atlanta Police Department, has been relieved of his duties by Chief George Turner “as a result of allegations of misconduct currently being investigated by the Compliance Unit of the City of Atlanta’s Department of Law,” states a press release today from the APD.

APD’s Office of Professional Standards commander accused of ‘misconduct’

The release does not state what the allegations of misconduct are.

TV’s Fox 5 is reporting, however, that Perdue leaked information about a federal investigation into a Clayton County officer.

“The federal investigation against Jonathan Callahan includes charges of accepting bribes to protect drug deals,” Fox 5 reported.

Callahan made a court appearance Wednesday and was released on $50,000 bond, according to Fox 5.

The Office of Professional Standards, or OPS, is the department in charge of investigating allegations of misconduct of APD officers and personnel.

“Our officers are sworn to enforce and uphold the law,” said Turner in the press release. “Those who are appointed to ‘police the police’ must be held to a much greater standard.

“This is an unfortunate incident, but just like all city employees, Lieutenant Perdue is entitled to due process prior to any final decisions are made. I will reserve further judgment and comment on the situation until the investigation is complete,” Turner said.

Turner and the APD said they will have no further comment while the investigation is ongoing.

Replacing Perdue as acting head of OPS is Capt. Elder Dancy, who was most recently assigned to work at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

As part of being relieved of his command of OPS, Perdue, who was a major, has been demoted back to lieutenant, placed on administrative duty in the APD’s Fleet Management Division and required to turn in his badge and weapon during the investigation, according to the press release.

It is unknown how this shakeup may effect the OPS investigation into allegations of police misconduct during the raid of the Atlanta Eagle, a gay bar located on Ponce de Leon Avenue, in September 2009.

Numerous complaints by patrons of the bar the night it was raided by undercover APD officers and the Red Dog Unit were filed with OPS. Turner said at a recent town hall meeting with the LGBT community the investigation was complete.

“The internal investigation concerning the complaints on the Eagle bar — we have concluded that investigation. We are in the process of finalizing the write up,” Turner said at the July 22 forum organized by Atlanta City Council member Alex Wan with the APD.

“The lieutenant is in the process of pulling all the facts together to summarize the investigation. Then we’ll move that forward to the law department to review it,” Turner answered.

After the meeting, Turner could give no timeline for when the investigation — now close to a year old — would be completed.

Turner said at the time he would have to go over the write-up and then there may be the possibility of having to question and interview witnesses again.

Turner also said one reason the OPS investigation was taking so long was because of the number of complaints made.