The Atlanta Banana has a story on its website that caught our eyes, "Atlanta's Unemployed Seek Same-Sex Marriages So Politicians Will Talk About Them."

Awesome. Headline. And story.

But, of course, it's not a real story. The Atlanta Banana is a satire news website, similar to The Onion, but focusing on all things Atlanta.

ATL unemployed want to get gay married so politicians will talk about them — say what?

This from the unemployed wanting gay marriage story:

“Why is it,” announced the movement’s leader Jesus Lovzmeigh, “That as soon as you give a religious candidate a microphone they head directly down our pants? Wouldn’t it be much more churchy to help the needy or heal the sick?”

But local church leaders are nonplussed. Atlanta Banana reporters spoke with Rev. Rhea Lee Gaudly this morning via phone.

“Look, we want to do everything we can for the under-privileged,” Gaudly revealed, “but we’re in a presidential election year here. That means we’ve got to scare the hell out of the old folks who vote. The rest of the country’s just got to suck it up until November.”

Truth may be stranger than fiction. But this fiction seems to be pretty, well, accurate.

The website also asks for donations to be used to give to cancer research as part of a “comedy experiment.”

The website’s founder and editor in chief, Jim Hodgson, has a girlfriend with Hodgkins lymphoma.

“If a ninja and a pirate had a baby, and that baby went back in time to train under Bruce Lee, science tells us that it would only be 1/7th as amazing at fighting as Lauraine is,” he writes about her.

Kudos to Jim and his writers for the website and for the “gay marriage” story we found amusing — a story that made us chuckle and then sigh and shake our head. Ain’t that the truth even when it’s not.