Atlanta charity vies for Pepsi grant funding

Instead of spending millions of dollars on Super Bowl advertising this past February, soft drink giant PepsiCo decided to set up the Pepsi Refresh Project – a charitable fundraising effort geared toward local grassroots organizations. Each month, different organizations are submitted and voted on. The money PepsiCo would have spent on advertising during the SuperBowl is instead given to 32 charities per month in the form of grants. The Refresh Project is donating 1.3 million dollars each month for the rest of the year.

Midtown-based Coats of Love is among many groups who have entered the $25,000 category for the month of April. Run by gay Atlantans Blake Peters and Franklin Stevens, the group collects used clothing and delivers them to homeless shelters. So far, the group has focused on Atlanta’s Taskforce for the Homeless, but if they receive a grant they plan on expanding to other shelters around the city.

“We started Coats of Love with two scooters and a goal of 50 coats to donate to the Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. We have well exceeded our goal. Now we are moving on to bigger and better things,” the organization says in a Press Release.

“The Pepsi Refresh Project is based on a public voting system, so we have to receive votes in order to get the grant. We can really use the help in getting the word out about our cause and the great possibilities this grant offers our communities. We can do a lot of good if we receive this grant.”

To vote for Coats of Love or to view current organizations up for voting, check out the Pepsi Refresh Project.