Atlanta DJ Brian Beck dies due to complications from lymphoma

DJ Brian Beck was the former resident DJ at the gay bar the Heretic and also spun at LGBT nonprofit events, including a GLAAD “Splish 2010” fundraiser.

Fans and friends were leaving notes of condolences on his Facebook page as well.

According to a post by his brother to the “Fans of DJ Brian Beck” Facebook page, Beck began chemotherapy for lymphoma in December 2010.

Beck and his family also kept an online journal at talking about his treatment and it appears that doctors declared Beck lymphoma-free on March 1.

But the online journal also reports on March 9 that Beck’s “condition has taken a significant and serious turn.”

“Early this morning he was found to have stopped breathing and his heart required restarting. There is some uncertainty as to how long he was without oxygen, and the brain tests are not showing much in the way of activity right now. This could be due to the pain- and anxiety meds they have him on. The next 24-48 hours will hopefully reveal what’s going on. Updates as soon as something changes. Please keep Brian, his family and his caregivers in your prayers,” the journal states.


Photo: Via Facebook