Atlanta drag personality arrested on human trafficking charges

“Multiple victims in this case have been identified from Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia. Some of these victims are minors,” the sheriff’s office reports.

Lemery, whose Facebook page under the name Steven Lang, lists him as a go-go dancer at gay bar BJ Roosters. He faces five counts of aggravated child molestation, child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, two counts of human trafficking and pandering by compulsion.

A person who answered the phone at BJ Roosters today declined to comment.

Douglas County law enforcement also identify Lynch as Pasha Nicole.

“Lynch, more commonly known in the Metro Atlanta GLBT community as Pasha Nicole, has been charged with human trafficking of a minor person for sexual servitude, two counts of sexual exploitation of a child, pandering by compulsion and possession of drug related objects,” the news release states.

Pasha Nicole competed in the first season of the “Dragnique” drag competition held at Jungle, which ran from January to Feb. 18. Pasha Nicole was voted out of the drag competition by the judges early in the competition but brought back for a wild card event.

Douglas County authorities say Lemery and Lynch, or Pasha Nicole, are being held in the Douglas County jail without bond.

The investigation was conducted with assistance from the Human Trafficking Unit of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations.

Lemery was arrested March 2 and in an interview on March 2 with Atlanta’s Fox 5 news station, Pasha Nicole was identified as one of Lemery’s housemates and said she assisted police in the investigation of Lemery.

Fox 5 reported Lemery used social networking sites to lure teen boys to have sex with him at his house on Chapel Hill Road but then would not allow them to leave. Lemery also allegedly did not feed the boys and kept them locked in a closet.

In the interview with Fox 5, Pasha Nicole said she saw many boys coming in to Lemery’s home and asked one boy his age.

“There was a vast amount of different boys coming into his house,” Pasha Nicole told Fox 5. She said she asked one boy his age and he told her he was 15.

But Douglasville Sheriff Chief Deputy Stan Copeland told the GA Voice that Christopher Lynch, as he referred to Pasha Nicole, was arrested March 4 after another alleged victim called the department and said he recognized Pasha Nicole from local TV news reports as his abuser.

“I believe his [Pasha Nicole] side of the story is he was assisting us,” Copeland said. “He told local media he came forward to help us — that is incorrect,” Copeland said, denying to comment much further.

“I will not classify him [Pasha Nicole] as cooperative or uncooperative. He’s been somewhat cooperative but not forthcoming.”

Douglas Co. Man Accused of Luring Teens for Sex:


Top photo: Drag performer Pasha Nicole (by Justin Ziegler)