Six Atlanta Police Department officers have been dismissed for lack of "truthfulness" and nine others were disciplined for their roles in the 2009 raid on the Atlanta Eagle, a police spokesperson announced Friday night. Three other officers face hearings next week.

Atlanta police fire six officers for lying about Eagle raid; nine more disciplined

“Honesty goes to the very heart of a police officer’s credibility,” APD Chief George Turner said in a press release sent at 9:25 p.m. on Friday night. “The public must be able to trust its police officers and expects them to tell the truth at all times.  Failure to be truthful has serious consequences at the Atlanta Police Department.  I hope my actions today serve as a reminder to those men and women on the force that dishonesty simply will not be tolerated.”

The disciplinary action comes in the wake of two investigations into the raid released late last month. Both were mandated in the city’s $1.025 million settlement of a federal lawsuit filed by patrons who were in the bar the night of the raid and suffered illegal background searches, rough treatment including being forced to lie on the floor of the bar while being physically searched, and anti-gay slurs.

The fired officers are Lt. Tony Crawford, Sgt. Willie Adams, Sgt. John Brock, Inv. Bennie Bridges, Off. Jeremy Edwards and Off.  Cayenne Mayes.

Brock was cited in the investigations as saying he believed gay people were “very violent.” Edwards was quoted as saying gay people were violent based on engaging in anal sex.

Two other officers, Brandon Jackson and James Menzoian, had already been fired for lying in unrelated cases, the APD press release noted.

The press release also stated that “Major Debra Williams was demoted to lieutenant. She subsequently retired, effective July 6, 2011.”

However, Williams was actually allowed to retire without the demotion taking effect.

Two other officers charged with truthfulness violations, Dimitiri Jacques and Vincent Marcano, had the charges against them dismissed by Chief Turner.

Off. Darnell Perry, Inv. Jared Watkins and Off. Dimitri Jacques face disciplinary hearings next week.

Other disciplinary action handed down included the following: Sgt. Kelley Collier – 20 days suspension; Off. Robert C. Godwin – 2 days suspension; Off. Vincent Marcano – 2 days suspension; Inv. Timothy McClain – 4 days suspension; Off. Craig Condon – Written Reprimand; Off. Christopher Dowd – Written Reprimand; Off. Dion Meredith – Written Reprimand; Off. William Walters – Written Reprimand.