The Atlanta Police Department’s new GLBT Advisory Board now has a place on the APD’s website. There’s not much on it right now — the nine-member board met for the first time on Monday — but there is a list of email address of all members in case you want to contact them about any concerns.

Glen Paul Freedman is the chair of the board, Terence McPhaul is vice-chair and Ebonee Bradford-Barnes is secretary.

“This site will include our meeting agendas, meeting minutes, advisory group member contact information, by-laws, events and additional information.  This is a good step forward towards working together and a first for APD,” said Freedman in an email statement.

Atlanta Police GLBT Advisory Board has place on department’s website

Terence McPhaul, executive director of YouthPride, is vice chair and Ebonee Bradford-Barnes is secretary.

While a set of by-laws is currently posted on the website, the board recognized they were outdated and a committee is working on coming up with a new set of by-laws for members to follow.

Check out the GLBT Advisory Board’s site on the web here.

Read about the entire board here.

Watch a video of the members discussing what role it hopes to have in serving the community as an advisory board to the APD below: