The Atlanta Police Department LGBT Advisory Board held a special community meeting on July 13, 2011, to hear from the community on the disciplinary actions related to the Atlanta Eagle Investigation and additional community issues. Among those in attendance were citizens of the LGBT community, ACRB members, and representatives from the Atlanta Police Department, City Attorney and Mayor’s offices.

The meeting was well attended and a healthy discussion took place in which the broad consensus among the board and citizens in attendance was that the disciplinary actions that were taken did not go far enough. We are requesting a meeting with you, in our capacity as members of the Advisory Board, to personally share the community’s comments and our concerns with the disciplinary action results and additional outstanding issues.

If possible, we would like to meet with you in your office at City Hall no later than July 27, 2011, so that we can continue in our work towards improving communication and relations between the APD, City of Atlanta Office of the Mayor and the LGBT community.

We would also like to request your presence and Chief Turner at a Community Town Hall meeting, hosted by the Advisory Board for you both to answer questions and receive feedback from the community and to offer your personal thoughts and reflections on all that has happened related to the raid at the Atlanta Eagle and where we go from this point forward. We are happy to work with your office in scheduling this community meeting at a time that is mutually convenient.

We look forward to meeting with you and continuing in our work to strengthen the relationship between the LGBT community and the APD.


Glen Paul Freedman, Chair Atlanta Police Department LGBT Advisory Board

Atlanta Police Department LGBT Advisory Board Members: Glen Paul Freedman, Ebonee Bradford Barnes Tracy Elliott, Josh Noblitt, Terence McPhaul, Betty Couvertier, Tracee McDaniel, Philip Rafshoon, Molly Simmons

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