Atlanta police make arrest in killings of Black Gay Pride attendees

In an interview in September 2010, Major Keith Meadows described the scene of the killings and the ongoing investigation. Meadows is now the Commander for Zone 6.

Meadows said both were killed with gunshot wounds to the head. There was no sign of forced entry, suggesting the victims knew the killer.

Blizzard was found dead in the living room while Streater was found dead in a back room that was used as a bedroom. There were no signs of a struggle.

“With the first victim [Blizzard], based on body position, he was not under duress, he didn’t know it was coming,” Meadows said.

Some of the witnesses questioned said they had seen one of the victims, Streater, at Black Gay Pride with someone they didn’t know. The victims were not robbed after they were killed.

Police are not even sure if the two men were gay, but Streater was seen at Black Gay Pride the day before. Meadows did not know where at Black Gay Pride the victim was.

The fact at least one victim was at Black Gay Pride may not play any role in the killings, but all possibilities have to be eliminated, Meadows said.

“Their sexual orientation and the actual murders themselves — at this point it appears to be a non-issue for us. We have to eliminate possibilities. Everything they did that day will play a role [in solving the case],” Meadows  said at the time.


Top photo: Derrick Dnorris Burden (via Fulton County Sheriff’s Department)