According to the police reports, Officer J.J. O’Brien was working an approved off-duty job at Blake’s on Saturday when he was called to the upstairs bar by the manager.

“The manager stated Mr. Johnson jumped the bathroom line and refused to move when the manager asked him,” the police report stated.

When O’Brien told Johnson he had to leave the bar, Johnson refused “and threw his drink in Officer O’Brien’s face,” according to the report.

O’Brien then told Johnson he was under arrest and attempted to handcuff him. Johnson then hit the officer in the face and knocked his glasses off, the report continues.

“Officer O’Brien took Mr. Johnson to the floor as he was hitting Officer O’Brien and attempting to escape,” the report states. “Officer O’Brien felt someone jump on his back and turned his head around and saw Mr. Leggrant on his back hitting Officer O’Brien with his fists.

“Several of Blake’s employees and customers jumped in to help Officer O’Brien,” the report notes.

As O’Brien attempted to take Johnson down the ramp to the Blake’s parking lot, Leggrant tried to run away and a customer tried to restrain him. Leggrant ran into a customer’s car, damaging it, the report states.

Additional police were called to the scene. Johnson’s face received a “minor scratch” and O’Brien’s glasses were broken, according to the report.

Six written witness statements included with the police reports are consistent with O’Brien’s narrative.

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