Atlanta Police to premiere ‘It Gets Better’ video Dec. 12

Atlanta Police LGBT liaison Officer Kristin Knight said when she was hired in May she was interested in the APD taking part in the “It Gets Better” project.

Officer Brian Sharp, also a police LGBT liaison, discussed the APD’s “It Gets Better” video on the city’s TV station last week.

The New York Police Department released its “It Gets Better” video on Tuesday.

The “It Gets Better” project was started in 2010 by author and columnist Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller when they posted a video to YouTube trying to give hope to LGBT young people who were being bullied and felt alone.

The video was a response to the rash of suicides that were being reported across the country by LGBT teenagers. Since that time, many celebrities have made “It Gets Better” video as well as President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Several Atlantans, including the Atlanta Bucks rugby team, have made “It Gets Better” videos.

WATCH: Officer Brian Sharp speaks about the “It Gets Better” video with the city-run TV station.

Photo: Atlanta Police gay and lesbian officers line up to march in this year’s Atlanta Pride parade. (by Dyana Bagby)