Tonya Miller of Atlanta, 48, was convicted last week for killing her former girlfriend in 2005, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Miller received a life sentence plus 10 years for murdering Cheryl Miranda of Tampa, Fla. She was convicted on charges of murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and concealing a death. The verdict was handed down Friday. She was first convicted of the murder in 2008 but the Georgia Supreme Court overturned the ruling which led to a second trial.

Atlanta woman sentenced to life plus 10 years for murdering girlfriend

Before she was killed, Miranda had taken out a restraining order against Miller.

From the AJC:

According to police, on March 4, 2005, a Fulton County police officer discovered a pickup truck burning in a wooded area in the 5000 block of Welcome All Road in unincorporated Fulton County.

When the fire was extinguished, the charred remains of an unidentified body were discovered in the bed of the truck. Miranda was later identified via her fingerprints. The truck, which belonged to Miranda, was driven to Atlanta from Florida by Miller and her son Jabaris Miller, according to the investigation.

Miranda was killed by blunt force trauma and being stabbed in the neck.

In 2008, Miller and her son were convicted of murder, arson and concealing a death but Tonya Miller’s conviction was overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court.