Attorney for Alpharetta teen defends client after accusations of lying arise online

Radford goes on to say that some Alpharetta High School students have turned to social media to accuse Lack of lying about the facts in the lawsuit.

After the administration issued an official statement–basically accusing Reuben of making this whole thing up–a number of people who were initially supportive began to doubt us. Worse yet, a number of students, have made statements to the media, and on the web, that drag Reuben’s name through the mud and accuse him of lying.

Radford says he just wants everyone to know the facts behind the case before jumping to conclusions.

But the court of public opinion is a much more chaotic and anarchic thing than the court of law. Many have accepted the official statements by the school district at face value. And many have accepted statements made on social media, apparently by fellow AHS students, to the effect that Reuben is making this whole thing up. To those who retain doubts, I would encourage you to please read the legal materials we filed with the court, and please hold your judgment until the evidence develops in the legal proceedings.

Some of the posts highlighted by Radford use derogatory and anti-gay language.

Click here to read Radford’s full statement.

Top photo: Reuben Lack (center), the Alpharetta teen suing his high school over his removal from his position as Student Body President after introducing an LGBT-friendly prom resolution, his father (left) and attorney James Radford (by Ryan Watkins)