Baton Bob released from jail, disputes police account

“Well My Little Chick-A-Dees,…..I’m out the POKEY; and I’m getting ready to head out to MIDTOWN and Piedmont and Peachtree,…..for my ‘THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY’ afternoon SETS!!!!!,” he wrote.

Jamerson was charged with two counts of simple assault and one count of obstruction of officers. Bond was set at $4,000 and he remained in jail until Thursday.

An Atlanta Police Department report states Jamerson was “disturbing” security guards at 1197 Peachtree St. The victims were two women security guards who complained to police that Baton Bob frequents Colony Square “and causes a disturbance daily.”

“The victims state that he has been told previously to stay off the property. While talking to the suspect, the victims said that he stated, ‘Fuck you, I’ll fuck you up.’ The suspect began to call both security guards bitches and told them, ‘don’t fuck with me, I’ll fuck you up.’ The suspect continued to threaten and use obscenities when one of the victims called Sgt. Briggs at Midtown Blue,” according to the report.

The report further states when APD responded to the scene, Baton Bob was on the corner of Peachtree Street NE and 14th Street NE blowing his whistle and dancing on the corner. 

”The suspect was dancing and gyrating in a sexual manner on the city sidewalk blocking pedestrian traffic,” according to the report.

Both victims told the responding APD officer they wanted to press charges and when the officer approached Jamerson to ask him about the incident, the officer started to grab Jamerson’s hand.

“Fuck you, what’s this about,” Jamerson told the officer, according to the report.

Jamerson scuffled with the officer and then, according to the report, he kicked the officer’s leg and attempted to kick him in the groin.

Jamerson disputed the arresting officer’s account of the incident, telling Project Q that the officer told him, “You kneed me in the crotch.”

“I would have never kneed you in the crotch. I would have kneeled down and sucked your dick,” Jamerson said he responded.

This week’s incident is not the first time Jamerson has drawn scrutiny for profanity and run afoul of police, both here in Atlanta and when he lived in St. Louis.

Jamerson worked his “Ambassador of Mirth” character in St. Louis before moving to Atlanta, where in 2004 the Central West End Business Association stopped paying him as a street performer after complaints of profanity in his act, targeting business patrons and passersby he thought came to the area from the suburbs.

“When it comes to us spending funds for street performers, we expect them to not be using profanity, and not to be aggressive to people in the neighborhood,” Dennis George, executive director of the CWEBA, told the Riverfront Times in June 2004. “It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s ‘different,’ quote unquote, or the fact that he’s ‘gay,’ quote unquote, or the fact that he’s ‘black,’ quote unquote. That has nothing to do with it.

“But when you’ve got two twelve-year-old girls outdoors dining with their mom,” George said, “and they hear ‘motherfucker’ six times in a row, and ‘fuck you,’ that is unacceptable behavior for this neighborhood.”

Also before his move to Atlanta, Jamerson accused Webster Groves police of manhandling him when they attempted to remove him from a July 4th parade where he marched with a Missouri pro-choice group, and was arrested in 2004 for allegedly trespassing at campaign rally for John Kerry’s presidential bid.


Top photo: Atlanta’s Baton Bob (file)