A tearful Bishop Eddie Long recently revealed to his congregation that he’d considered suicide. The longtime leader of New Birth Baptist Church in Lithonia did not offer specific details around what led him to contemplate taking his own life, but the admission will undoubtedly lead back to the 2010 sexual allegations by Long’s “spiritual sons” that caused a media firestorm and threatened Long’s reputation and standing in the faith community.

In a video titled “The Power of God’s Love” posted to YouTube, Long tells his congregation that when he “was being condemned from the four corners of the earth, I had a moment when I wanted to kill myself and was ready.”

He credits the love of his congregation for pulling him from the brink.

“What kept me was not a scripture. What kept me was that every time I showed up here, you were here,” said Long.

The New Birth Baptist congregation, which stood firmly in support of Long during the allegations can be seen in the video walking toward the altar en masse with arms outstretched to cover their spiritual leader.

The message from Long in “The Power of God’s Love” stands in stark contrast to his 2010 declaration to fight the sexual allegations from his accusers after the lawsuits went public.

“I feel like David against Goliath. I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet,” Long famously said to his congregation in 2010 after enduring days of silence. His new message is one of love and gratitude towards a congregation that sustained him.

“I would not take my life for the one mere reason: my family loved me, my church loved me, and regardless of what anybody said, love lifted me and carried me,” said Long as tears visibly streamed down his face.

Ironically, Long, who led an estimated 20,000 people in his “Re-ignite The Legacy March” against marriage equality in 2004, also thanked his congregation for not passing judgment and admonished those who use social media to “kill one another.”

“And you didn’t judge me. There are folk here who know what I mean, that you’re alive because somebody loved you. They didn’t give you a sermon, they didn’t question you, they didn’t call you before a council,” he said.

“We have no right or justification to kill one another on social media, especially when you don’t know. And if we’re going to be saints, if we’re really going to move into the things God has, let’s love one another.”

The four lawsuits against Long were dismissed “with prejudice” in 2011.



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  1. Danile

    I hate to be insensitive but…(1) call me when you’ve attempted suicide and not merely “considered” it; (2) there are plenty of LGBTQ youth and adults who have considered, attempted and successfully committed suicide due to the bold, errant preachments and intractable logic of Bishop Long for years while he was in the pulpit bashing gays, fighting against social acceptance and systemic homophobia and heterosexism in church and in free society.

    …so yeah, there’s that.

    • LT

      LOL…it’s not insensitive at all!! You actually took the thoughts right from my head. It’s what I’ve been sharing in response to this bold face lie via social media since reading the article. Trying to replace those millions forked out to his “spiritual sons” to keep folks quiet and to cover up the truth and lies. GA Voice and HRC join forces, contact him and offer him a free lie detector test and let’s uncover the truth. We can fundraise in order to cover his honorarium!!

      In the words of Pastor Dewey Smith as he so eloquently spoke in his sermon on homosexuality, “you cannot evangelize and antagonize at the same time” and expect to draw the sheep into the flock!

    • Tye Frazier

      Agreed .although we’re taught to forgive and remember the pastor is made of flesh and that GOD is the ultimate judge I cannot help but be saddened that it took a national scandal for him to be true to who really is and all those past years how wasn’t effectively utilizing the incredible platform he had that could touch,change save and heal so many innocent and lost lives
      Thanks for allowing me to comment

  2. Stephanie

    I find this disingenuous. He has paid off his “spiritual sons” with the tithes of the parishioners, and now seems to be playing on the compassion of the congregation. I believe this man is gay and his “thoughts” of suicude comes from the fact that he is still lying to himself, God, his wife, and his congregation. The tears simply speak to the fact that he’s an extremely good actor. Even on a purely spiritual level, he has shown no repentance.

    • Stephanie

      Oh, and I don’t have a problem with gay people. My problem is with a church culture that allows the preaching of damnation from the pulpit while engaging in the same behavior they’re damning…it’s called hypocrisy folks. Bishop Long is the only one who does not know he’s gay. When you judge others, don’t be surprised when you get that back!

      • Pipa

        “A church culture”, really!! Go tell that to Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Seikhs etc why they preach this oh wait, it is much easier, blaming the Church!! Please, take several seats!!!

  3. TadowRealness

    How convenient…. As we still wait on those stones you was about throw…..#GuiltyConcious. How sad. First and foremost suicide is not only selfish but one of the illrephrehensible of sins, don’t believe me? Look it up. What I do know is all four of those young men didn’t come forward to embarrass themselves on a national platform. The undercover behavior amongst the COGIC community alone is unparalleled in numbers for being undercover as well as Pentacostal and Baptist. Don’t believe me? Take a trip to the next GMWA where Eddie used to frequent to the host hotel and watch who hooks up with who in the lobby. Not only was he linked to the four that came forward he had the entire deacon board under his thumb and paid them off as well. #Facts He has been linked to Frank Ski of v103, who was linked to Pastor Alverado who was linked to Byron Cage (who is t married anymore mind you) , who has been linked to Hezekiah Walker and we all know what went down with his wife finding him doggy style in their own bedroom so don’t go there with me. What he won’t do is use this as a crutch and a plea for attention. What’s sick and sad is the very same people you condemned you were and its factual, convicted or not, the pictures and the text messages don’t lie. #Facts

    Everyone in Atlanta knows about these pastors deacons, prophets, and super board members so let’s not get it comfused or misconstrued. Homosexuality is very prevalent in Atlanta and those folk at new birth are following man NOT God. Just because he preaches well spent concert anyone to having the anointing and being called to preach. He and his wife are. It even legally married anymore and they sleep in separate bedrooms. How do I know? Her hairstylist is mine and has spoken of many things to be true so keep it 100. The majority of the men that go to that church, let alone others are definitely undercover. Don’t believe me? Ask around Lithonia!

    I think I’ve spilled enough tea …#WrongIsWrong

    • Stephanie

      It is disgraceful and totally hypocritical. Then they turn around and play on the people…some of who want to be played on. I saw a video of Creflo Dollar supporting this hypocrite by telling those in his audience who left Long’s church, that he did not want them in his church..called them traitors! “…and if you turn on him [Long] then you’ll turn on me. I don’t want you here,” he had the nerve to say… …hmmmm! Wonder what that’s about!

      My biggest concern is that no one is concerned with the congregation. The people are left high and dry, guilted into staying, and by this time malnourished. How are they supposed to operate in discernment when they are told that they have none….very sad.

    • Unsure

      Wow that’s a whole lot of name dropping, aren’t you worried about being suide for slander.

  4. Confronting-the-lies

    Condemned? For molesting, rape, whoring, passing judgment on a life style that you participate, for lying, for cheating on your wife? Tell me, what are/ were you condemned for? Was it deserved?

  5. joeel williams

    I wonder how many LGBT youth and adults who were verbally bashed by Long’s sermons. I wonder how many of them may have been killed, treated badly, disowned by their family members etc. This is a true case of karma , when you are given a public forum don’t use it to destroy the lives of others, use your forum to build.

  6. scottc.

    “First and foremost suicide is not only selfish but one of the illrephrehensible of sins” A couple of things “illrephrehensible” is not an actual word. Next how dare you to presume to know what is going through someone’s head who commits suicide. To call it an act of selfishness is in itself the ultimate act of selfishness. Until you’ve experienced the depths of despair that drives suicide, why don’t you just shut your trap?

  7. Sharondalia

    Please post a correction to this article. It says the cases were dismissed. That is misleading because it implies the plaintiffs had no case. There were financial settlements in the cases. Also, later in October 2011 his attorneys said they were going to fight to get their settlement money back, on the grounds that the accusers allegedly violated the confidentiality terms of their legal settlement.

  8. Sankofah

    Come on Eddie, you know you never ever considered suicide. How were you going to commit suicide, by jumping out of a basement window?

  9. eric

    What a disgrace. You lead marches against homosexuality, you used your pulpit to do others harm, you are an adulterer, a hypocrite, and a liar – yet you stand before this congregation of sheep talking about your pain and suffering? They offer you hands of love to comfort you? How many of these sheep turned their backs on LGBQT members of their community based on the hatred you preached? Long and his ilk are why so many of our churches are cesspools where parishioners are being taught to hate their fellow man and woman. Where it is more about money than about love. More about greed than about forgiveness. More about hierarchy and status, than about support and comfort. You cry and you lie, Long. And the sheep who continue to follow you are even worse for being so gullible. You lead people? What a disgrace.

  10. jennifer

    Eddie long,needs deliverance!! without deliverance,he will continue to operate in homosexual activity!!HE n his congregation needs to kno the qualifications of a “BISHOP”!! Also if u kill,what happens if a person kill them self,can u ask for forgiveness, cant believe a pulpit guru said that!! The exposure of his Sins,should drive him to repentance instead,so he dont loose his soul. But not play n symphathy on naive members,n manipulate n them.looks as thou they dont read scripture for themselves,so they can line up eddie long when that demon in him is twist n scripture to satisfy himself,so glad my niece n family got out of that MESS!! So many followers is Bound in spiritual darkness,n dont know it!! He looks like the Devil himself,n need to take the sign down,n come Clean with JESUS the CHRIST!! N Stop acting as though people r do n you wrong!! N not want n any one to say anything abt.the terrible things u was basking your self in with young boys! Shame on you!! You n no one but You, are your Own WORST enemy,we all should rally prayer day n night for you for u to want to be n get deliverance n get set FREE if u are gonna continue to stand in a pulpit as a representative if Christ!!!


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